sun, sky, clouds

Blue sky squall watching

Today I love freedom Friday ’cause I’m free to take care of the stuff that needs doing and to do it all at my own varying pace. I love that taking it easy for me means going flat out, getting lots done, then getting distracted and doing something else. I love that because I usually end up getting an average amount of things done. I love that I got almost everything done that I wanted to do yesterday. I love that there is a snow squall watch in effect for my area but that I’m seeing patches of blue sky and there’s no snow falling right now. I hope that the weather stays good for people on the road so that they can all get where they’re supposed to be by the end of their day. I love that this area keeps right on going through the weather, that even when we have to stop things because of it we just start where we left off as soon as it lets up. I love winter and its sparkling white brilliance.

Today I love that there will be an open mic tonight as long as the weather doesn’t interfere. I love that I have safety pie in the fridge in case the weather gets bad and I can’t get out for groceries. I love that I am planning to cook a decent meal tonight. I love that this is the first time in a few weeks that that has happened because I’ve been wicked busy and have been maybe eating rather poorly or perhaps sporadically is more the right word. I love cooking and even though I have open mic and curling tonight I am pretty sure I can get a moment or two to eat in there somewhere.

Today I love Friday Night Curling and I’m hoping it isn’t cancelled because of weather. The problem with winter sports is that they happen in the winter but they’re so very awesome. I love my new shirt that says “If curling were easy they’d call it hockey.” I’m going to love wearing that tonight. I love that there is absolutely nothing left to do regarding the sale of my house, it is done, over, and finished. I love that this is the beginning of a new era for me, and I love that I’m conscious of that, awake and paying attention to what is happening now. I can’t wait to see what this new part of my life will bring to me.

Today I love Friday morning, squall watch by the fireplace, coffee. And there goes another piece of blue sky sailing by.