The sound of music …

Today I love the day slipping away on me while I work steadily but lightly and casually at having an easy day. I love that a piano has been moved with great ease by four good people from John Thompson Movers. I love that that is a huge load off my mind. I love that old piano that I paid too much for, and that has now cost me even more money. I love that it has had many players in its long life including any children who ever wanted to make “music” on it in my presence because if someone else finds joy in the sounds they create then I too will find joy in the making of those sounds. I love music and I love people who love music and I love people who make music.

Today I love that the house is looking pretty bleak and empty these days and it is getting harder to take things out of it, but that is progress, so it is easy to love. It is like a vacuum jar where the more you remove the harder it is to remove more from it. The house is silent to me in regards to its being stripped of its furnishings and appointments, and I am interpreting that as displeasure, but I love that soon new people will be there to make that house theirs and I am sure it will love them and love the joy they bring to it. I love that soon it will be more filled with noise and happiness and laughter than I have been able to make it in these past few years. I love that my house will be looking after other people and I love that it will look after them well as it looked after me.

Today I love that I have all the guitars moved save the one that my niece is borrowing to learn on and it will soon be moved as well and safely in her hands. I love that this year’s ending will be such a milestone for me, such a new and exciting and changed life. I love that I will have some freedom that I maybe always had before but was unable to recognize because of the house and the mortgage. I love that future plans are to invest in more property, but not to rush into that and so I’ll be able to have an adventure or two in the mean time.

Today I love coffee in the music room near the piano on a less stressful and more laid back day of planning and scheming and waiting and hoping.