packed up stuff

things finding homes …

Today I love saying goodbye to old things and letting go of them to make room for new things in life. I love finding homes for the things that have meaning to me, especially when the homes are with other people for whom those things have meaning. I love that slowly but steadily the things that need to be done are getting done and it will not take as long as I’ve sometimes thought it might. I love finding stuff I’d forgotten about, recalling things about it and then realizing that, even though the memories are nice, I survived quite well without them and will continue to do so when those things are gone. I love that all this moving has a final date and once that date is reached the whole moving thing is over and done with. I love that there will be some last minute problems, there always are, but I love that because I know they will be solved, and solved problems are the best kind.

Today I love clever things that come up like the fact that transparent tape in a tape dispenser is not indispensable, it is, in fact, quite dispensable, and that’s a good thing. I love that hyphenated isn’t hyphenated, but non-hyphenated is, because DUH, how else could it possibly be??!? I love that toying with words gives me great pleasure and sharing those toyed with words is even more fun.  I love all the poets that just give away their words on social media for the benefit of others. I love that I will still do that every now and then because it brings me joy.

Today I love that last night my choir rocked that show and that tomorrow night we’re putting on a make up show for the one we missed on Thursday. I love that in just a short bit of time I will be taking the stage with part of my band to play a benefit for our local food bank. I love that we will be opening the show and then moving out shortly to make room for others to attend and because we have a party to get to. I love that there is so much going on, even as I’m worrying about getting everything done. I love being busy, though I’m willing to try not being as busy in the new year, just for a little bit to see how much I might love that.

Today I love coffee on the run, at the market, and even a cup in bed this morning. Yes I made coffee and went back to bed. Try it sometime.