wild grapes

Rural nature in urban fog

Today I love the foggy vistas that surround me this morning. I love that I live in an area that is beautiful all the time, no matter the weather or the season. I love just wandering around and finding different vantages from which to observe my world. I love people who reach out to me when I’m feeling as fogged in as the weather. I love how people seem to know that helping others makes their own lives richer, that there could easily come a time when they will need the hand and that if it isn’t from someone they reached out to it might be from someone who was helped by someone they helped before. I love people who understand that humanity and community are more valuable than property and wealth. I love people who just assume that others have every right to be members of their community.

Today I love writing and working online, I love making words work to tell people what I’m thinking, wanting, hoping for. I love that they mostly cooperate, those tricky, tricky words, and eventually, though often only after making me a little crazy, they all fall into place with only the odd mistake or error here and there. I love that sometimes they just do as they’re told and then, when they’ve lulled me into a false sense of security, the editor in me discovers that they have arranged themselves on the page exactly as I put them, but not in any way that tells what I’d hoped to say. For instance, this paragraph here was supposed to be all about corned beef sandwiches, how do these crazy words get so confused when I send them out to do a job, eh? Oh well, this that I’ve written is fine too. And I’m probably only thinking about corned beef sandwiches because I love them and I’m hungry.

Today I love donuts, danishes, sitting in caf├ęs, walking around town with my camera, streets of older buildings that look quaint and welcoming, and lunch without having to cook or clean up. I love pictures that turn out to be interesting even if they weren’t what I intended to do. I love finding wild nature growing close to tame urban areas. I love towns and cities that offer walkways that feel somewhat rural. I love sheltered paths.

Today I love coffee and fresh air and brightly lit fog in the morning.