chair in sun

Slanting sunlight

Today I love the champions I know in my life. I love champions like Orit Shimoni who brings so much fixing to a broken world despite its ugly determination to continue to crack in unpredictable directions. I love champions like the people all around me who volunteer and step up when there is need. I love the people in my town who have moved mountains to house refugees here. I love the refugees who have brought such richness to my community in the form of culture that can be shared. I love the firefighters who take time while being on high alert and ready save lives and property to operate a toy drive to help the spirit of Santa Claus survive the hard times that some folks experience. I love the people who go out of their way to fill up the fire houses with the toys that those firefighters need to make their drive a success. I love the people who cannot hear of an inequity and stand by idly while it perpetuates. I love the people who, in their own darkest hours, look about them for ways to help others, because they know that is the way to defeat the darkness, you kick at it, as Mr. Cockburn said, until it bleeds daylight.

Today I love that my writers’ group is in the throws of a busy time, and they still are taking the weekend to retreat together to the countryside and spend the weekend writing and communing with nature and each other. I love that they are such an eclectic group but that you have to look deeply to find the differences because they all love the practice of writing so much that they seem like one entity until you look beneath the surface. I love that our upcoming book is called “Beneath The Surface” and that is so fitting.

Today I love Kimberley Love’s Mom’s Pancake recipe because it is just the right kind of morning for pancakes and maple syrup. I love that the recipe came with a bottle of maple syrup, ’cause that’s the way life should be, convenient and spontaneous at the same time. I love maple syrup because … maple syrup, and because I’m Canadian, eh? I love seriously lazy Sunday mornings with syrup and slanting beams of sunlight.

Today I love coffee in the sunlight with the smell of pancakes lingering in the waning morning’s cheerful air.