A new day …

Today I love new beginnings that reach out and grab me and say, “Come on, you’re coming with us.” I love big changes and small wonders. I love finding my way when I thought things were looking confusing and labyrinthine. I love being shown a path that was a secret to my eyes until revealed by time and friends. I love that in this season of holiday plans and upcoming choir shows and a new book launch and all the little things I am probably not remembering, I have sold my house and have to be packed and gone by the first week of January. I love the rush that this is going to bring, I love that I will be worrying about a million things because I care about memories and friends and giving my life the best opportunity to show me the things worth loving. I love that on top of all of that, I’ve decided it’s time to head to the studio and finally brew up some media for my band, “Hot Black Coffee.” I love that all the coffee puns are rolling around in my head and it is going to be the hardest job to come up with a title for this disc.

Today I love that this week will be a little warmer and that’s great for moving and packing and getting things taken care of. I love that I will be on the go a lot over the next little while and I especially love that my back is better every day now that the pain from damaged nerves has subsided and all I feel is the pain from damaged muscle and bruised bone. I love that all around me people are moving about taking care of business and life and being cheerful and happy. I love the way things often seem to fall into place and if you expect nothing from life then life always delivers better than you thought you’d get. I love that there are a few things I demand from life and they are minimal but important. I demand to be allowed to interpret my life on my own terms and make the best of it regardless of what anyone else thinks of my life or me. I love that I will always interpret my life in the best possible way.

Today I love apples and raisins and cinnamon in oatmeal, choir songs stuck in my head, thinking about a new vehicle in spring, pondering which songs to record, and laughing about silliness and foolish stuff. I love that silliness and foolish stuff are probably the two most important things in life.

Today I love coffee as the day dawns slowly to a new reality that yesterday was only vaguely aware of. Where’s my coffee cup? Ah, there it is.