The sun checks in

The sun checks in on me …

Today I love the sunrise show that I got to see this morning. It started with a light sprinkle of snow falling, then that stopped and the eastern edge of the sky opened up while the sun passed by on its assent, then the curtain was dropped and in a few more minutes the snow started falling like dust again. It was all very well orchestrated and I’m glad I was able to see it. And now my little corner of the world is doing its very best imitation of a snow globe. Hello, Winter, let’s spend a little more time together before you have to go.

Today I love that this crazy week must now, done with me or not, draw to a close, pack up its kit and make room for the weekend and next week. I love that the weekend is looking very busy, as busy as this week was. I love that even though there seems to be little difference between weeks and weekends for me anymore, they still feel different. People talk differently and do things with a springier step, a bounce to their actions on weekends. Maybe that’s the difference for me, the way others behave. Maybe they carry me on more holiday like wings. If so than that’s worth loving. Thanks to all the weekend people.

Today I love that there’s a big coffee house on tonight instead of the open mic that we usually run. This one is on from 6 to 9 and acts are booked in to time slots. We’re hoping for some open mic spaces too, which is always great. And we will be playing the very first time slot and I love that. But I also get to be the MC and I also love that as well. I get to help keep a show on the rails so that it will be there for all the people who, like me, appreciate someplace they can go to hone skills and test works. And I get to hear the work of so many friends. How great is all of that? Pretty great.

Today I love coffee and its wily ways of taking my arm and ushering me through days that look impassable from a distance. I’m sure that I could get through them unassisted, but I’m also sure that there’s a difference between getting through and admiring the journey. And while coffee might not be responsible for my admiration, it does represent that “pause and smell the roses” approach that makes the journey worth reveling in. And I love to revel.