Sow dust

Snow dust

Today I love that Monday is my day of rest, or so it seems to be. I love that my weekend was so busy. I love all the words and all the music and all the social interaction that comes with all of that. I love that my writers’ group has somehow managed to luck into a connection to an amazing retreat spot and that we can afford to make use of it for off peak weekends to just get ourselves far from the madding crowd, and become our own madding crowd. I love that the weekend, from beginning to end, was energizing for me. Every part from music events to market jaunts to writing and editing my own uncommissioned work to choir practice gave me a top up of zest in my life. Stand back week, I have some task to kick.

Today I love the fine dust like snow that is falling out there in the newly chilled air. Yesterday it was a balmy forty three degrees Fahrenheit in my area and that was a treat. This morning it’s twenty five degrees. I love that the phrase “dust like snow” reminds me of Frost’s poem “Dust of Snow” and that always starts my mind wandering through the poetry that has drifted in and out of my life, always nearby, never absent for long. I love that I can say with ease that my favorite poets are Millay and Frost and Service and I have no qualms about that, but that I get agitated if I try to put them in order of favor.

Today I love that there is work to be done, even though I’m retired, to finish up old promises, but that the actual time of working is up in the air. So this morning I am writing and waiting to hear from people about actual times of labor doing. Even though I’ve “retired” for the time being, and even though that’s a bit scary, it is comforting to know there are still a couple of jobs. I love that I’m a little upset with myself for finding comfort in knowing¬† I have work when I think I’m supposed to be adventurous and unemployed and taking care of “important” things. Ha, I’m so predictable.

Today I love coffee and it’s magic powers of focus and inspiration. I’m currently feeling focused, very focused in deed, and inspired, but mostly inspired to get another cup of focus. Then I think I’ll write. Maybe I’ll write something about coffee …. yeah, maybe not.