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Archives for January, 2016


Today I Love Stories That Grab Me

A scene from a Saturday morning story ...

Today I love stories that grab me. I love stories in good books, stories told by older people about times when things were different, stories told by younger people about times when things are different, and stories told by friends about them and me and how we are different. I love stories because they so often...
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Today I Love The Snow Draped Trees

Trees know how to dress for parties ...

Today I love the snow draped trees, as they come home from last nights party. Yesterday was damp and rainy and well above freezing, but last night the temperature dropped enough for it to snow. The flakes were fluffy and fat and the damp trees gathered them up and decorated themselves with them. Late last night...
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Today I Love Tracks In The Snow

Visitors sign the guest book

Today I love tracks in the snow. It's one of the things about winter that I really enjoy. In the Spring, Summer, and Autumn when you get up in the morning you can easily delude yourself into thinking that everything is the same as it was when you went to bed, but in the winter, you can see that your yard has...
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Today I Love The Extremes Of Color

Bands of gold

Today I love the extremes of color that I see all around me every day. Bands of milky gold in a pale grey sky greet me in the morning and provide the backdrop for rich green spruce trees with crusty khaki/brown trunks and autumnal wisps of rusted needles here and there. Rabbits that are grey and gold and white all at the same time peek out...
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