Clearing morning cobwebs coffee ...Today I love that I slept late and woke up feeling more rested than I have in a while. I love that my head has that thick sluggish feeling that comes from really deep sleep, that if I dreamed I don’t remember any of it, that I felt so content when I awoke that I didn’t even bother to check what the time was and that is so not like me. I love that the cobwebs in my brain are slowly being cleared away, I love seeing the world emerge through the hazy foggy mist of sleep letting go.
Today I love that it is Saturday and that of course is market day at the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market. I love that I am out of everything just as market day rolls around, it’s like part of a grand plan. I love that it feels so good to know that the food I buy was cared about and not just cared for. I love that today is also the opening day for a gallery show of a friend of mine. Elaine Doy and her paintings will be sharing a show with a photographer at the Santa Fe Gallery here in town and if you are in this corner of the world you might go and see it. And if you are here and looking, you might also drop by the Bleeding Carrot where you’ll find the eclectic art of my friend Andrée Levie-Warrilow on display. This town is so filled with sights and sounds, it’s a wonder to behold.
Today I love that this is Thanksgiving holiday weekend here in Canada. I love that I have memories of gathering at my aunts house for Thanksgiving and they are so wonderful. There was fourteen kids and eight adults all jammed into a kitchen and living room for a meal, and when the eating was done we exploded out of the house and onto the farm in search of adventure and sometimes trouble. We were kids. Gotta love that.
Today I Love coffee. Coffee is the tool that the makes brain cobweb clearing a welcome and easy task. I love coffee with my breakfast on Saturdays at the market, and after another cup or so I should be ready to head off there for that breakfast. Thanksgiving weekend Saturday morning market breakfast coffee is one of my favorite coffees of the week. Mmmmm.