Cirque du SquirreleilToday I love the poets who look at the world as something completely new each time they look. I love how they wander and wonder about things. I love how they search for new ways to look at things, fresh perspectives to broaden their knowledge of anything and everything. I love the way they make us look at things with new eyes.

Today I love how this summer weather is hanging on still. Yesterday it spattered rain a few times and caught me outside once with a good three minute drench and I didn’t even bother to walk faster let alone run for cover. Sometimes you just have to see what things are like, remind yourself of how good it is to be in this world, on this earth. Rain is refreshing, I love that.

Today I love that it is the first Sunday of the month and since it’s September, that means that “Sounds, Words & Music” is on today, starting its 8th season, and I have a new song to take. I love Sundays for many reasons, memories of family and friends and summer and breaks from school and work over the years, so Sounds is in good company.

Today I love coffee. I love that the squirrels are still harvesting the oak across the street and they are a very entertaining show to watch while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Think I’ll just grab another cup and catch the second act. Cirque du Squirreleil … good stuff.