Harvest time ...Today I love that it is Saturday, I love the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market, I love that I’ll be there within the hour and that I’ll see so many people I know and get to eat breakfast there and buy food for the week from locals. I love that it’s a short walk to the market through the city. I love that it is a warm day for September but not as hot as it could be. I love that the sky is piled with soft dimensional clouds that loft and fly and look enormous but that there is still large patches of blue sky drifting by, elbowing their way through the puffy clouds.

Today I love that yesterday I wrote a new song. I’ve been so busy practicing and performing and working on so many other things, some mundane and some exciting, that I haven’t written more than the occasional couplet of homeless orphaned lyrics in a year. I love how good that makes me feel, and I love the love that a new song always draws from me.

Today I love that there is a pair of squirrels “harvesting” the oak tree across the street. there is such a rustling and ruckus going on over there that I can just imagine it’s like the harvest’s I remember as a child when neighbors and cousins would all be around my grandparents place, covered in chaff and laughing and working hard. I love the acrobatics of the whole thing … the squirrels, not the neighbors and cousins. They seems to defy gravity, swinging from branches that look like they shouldn’t be tested, and filling their cheeks with their hard won bounty.

Today I love coffee, the perfect beverage to sit and sip while I watch the industry of harvest on this September Saturday street of puffy clouds and sunny spots while contemplating maybe another song. I’ll just have one more cup before I head off to the market.