Today I Love This Home

Rumble, rumble, rumblumblumble

Today I love this home that we've returned to after a wonderful weekend of work and play. I love that as soon as the work was over this past weekend we went on a spree of fun things and didn't let the cold stop us. I love that we are hardy and hale and some of us eat kale. I love auld Scottish words like hale which means whole,...


Today I Love You

I read this and thought, "Yeah."

Today I love you. I love that there is someone in my life that seems so quiet and yet often is the one to suggest that we do the wild things. I love that you come from a different place, a different culture and that we get to share our visions of this big old wonderful world together. I love that life is a...


Today I Love Going Against The Flow

Finding adventure is easy ...

Today I love going against the flow of life just enough to make sure life knows I'm here and I know I'm alive. I love finding the times and places and ways in which I might create small amounts of turbulence in order to entertain or amuse or make others think when there are options to discover new ways to enjoy life. I love people who stir...


Today I Love Niagara Falls

That's a lot of water going by ...

Today I love Niagara Falls and a whole weekend in the city of falling water just hanging out with optometric doctors, opticians, assistants and friends. I love opening the hotel room window and listening the the thunder of the falls just across the river. I love the fireworks we saw last night and I love that there will be more tonight and again tomorrow...


Today I Love Being Ready

Early morning snow

Today I love being ready for coming adventures. I love that I am usually not ready for most of them but that just makes it sweeter when I am. I love that being ready has more to do with dealing with the baggage in ones mind than it has to do with packing up the luggage for the road or whatever other physical thing needs to be done...


Today I Love Organization

Got snow to move!

Today I love organization, I love finding my way through a mess and being done with it. I love putting things to rights even though I don't always bother to do that because I also love living with the way things are in a calm and easy manner in order to discover the benefits of things being one certain way or another. I love change when that...


Today I Love Taking My Time

Challenge accepted!

Today I love taking my time to get to my Wednesday office. I love that the weather is reminding us to be careful and considerate. I love how deep the snow got over night. I love that I will likely have to get out the snowblower and give it its first good workout tonight when we get home. I love how much freedom of spirit gathers within me when the...


Today I Love Reorganizing Things

The revolution is coming!

Today I love reorganizing things. I love that I have been reorganizing the dining room in my mind for over a year and it took that long for my mind to suddenly come up with an idea to make big changes that will give us back our dining room. I love that it has been a wonderful storage area, but its days spent being a supply closet...


Today I Love Making Myself Laugh

Clean up time

Today I love making myself laugh, especially if my past self can make my present self laugh. I love reading the things I wrote years ago on today's date in the memories section of Facebook. I love that I have a normally simplistic sense of humor that sometimes knocks one right out of the park, but usually just keeps people chuckling happily if I'm on...


Today I Love My Freedom

The promises of winter

Today I love my freedom and I love those who paid such a high price for me to have it. I love that, though I am a pacifist, I am able to respect those who sacrificed so much in pursuing the freedom of the large part of the world that prevailed in war. I love that we now understand that those who sign on to military defense...