Today I Love Great Words

Mixed endeavors

Today I love great words like bailiwick and petrichor and biblioklept and octothorpe. I love that I have almost every window opened in my downstairs and the cool spring air is romping through the house complete with the sound effects of a thousand birds calls, squawking, chirping, whistling and singing. I love that I got a fair bit of work done yesterday on the new sub floor...


Today I Love This Sticky Sunshine

A spot of cream and a dollop of sunshine

Today I love this sticky sunshine oozing in the eastern windows and clinging to everything it touches, leaving warmth behind where ever it goes. I love these warm Spring days that make me feel like they would be all I'd need for summer, soft and easy, days that I could wrap myself up in and just lay down and nap, and...


Today I Love Making Ringtones

Making ringtones

Today I love making ringtones for my phone though truth be told they never sound as cool as I think they are going to sound. I love taking a day off from the rigors of home renovation though I know I'll likely not last the day and will start doing things and working on stuff. I love how netflix seems to call me from the turned off TV like it...


Today I Love Finding Hope

Coffee maker in survival mode (turned on)

Today I love finding hope in the determination of others and their words of passion and planning. I love that social media is full of positivity, even though it is somewhat overwhelming at times. I love that some of it is almost silly to consider but it is proof of intent and witness to determination and I will not dismiss it for any...


Today I Love The Sweet Low Clouds

The sky is coming down to earth

Today I love the sweet low clouds laden with water and dragging themselves over the escarpment to the north across the bay. I love how they obscure the top of the rock and the sky above it, changing the landscape completely and closing in our bay so that it feels like it is tiny and small and yet it is the entire...


Today I Love Saturday Breakfast At Home

The garden waits

Today I love Saturday breakfast at home when everything is tumbled together from random sources. I love farm fresh eggs fried on the side burner of the barbecue while oatmeal is heated up in the microwave and toast is made in the toaster oven on the makeshift counter in the new and still growing kitchen. I love when we put our heads together and make things work....


Today I Love The Chance To Relax

There used to be a kitchen sink here ...

Today I love to relax at home and catch up on some of the things I've been wanting to do, books I've wanted to finish, food I've wanted to try cooking, movies I've been wanting to watch. I love that, although the reason for this is not pleasant, the opportunity has been afforded us and we would do ourselves a great...


Today I Love The Threats Of Rain

The day is threatening rain ...

Today I love the threats of rain as the skies grow dark and brooding and the mood becomes one that invites us all to snuggle down under sweaters and maybe get ready to watch the coming storm with cups of tea and the company of our isolation partners. I love that we are still managing to stay safe but have found some creative ways to enjoy...


Today I Love Temporary Counters

Nothing temporary about coffee!

Today I love temporary counters that came out of our old kitchen that I cut myself and forced to fit until the new counters are made and are ready to be put in. I love that we have running water. I love that the company that will be cutting the new counter has closed for two weeks to be safe and to help thwart the spread...


Today I Love Running Water

The microwave found its way home

Today I love running water in my kitchen and I am hoping that will be a reality before this day is over, even if it is in a temporary sink installation. I love that the new oven is in. I love that another big piece of the remaining old kitchen will be gone by the end of this day because I intend to haul it...