Today I Love These Last Few Summer Hours

Cool and bright

Today I love these last few Summer hours and their lovely program called "Homage To Autumn" complete with chilling temperatures and sparkling love that tomorrow is the first full day of Autumn. I love that we registered for curling last night. I love that the market was so lively this morning with lots of plaid everywhere and smiling faces and laughter and cheer. I love the...


Today I Love This Friday’s Wild Windy Ways

Wild wind blowing me past the trees ...

Today I love this Friday's wild windy ways. I love the warm air and the clear, clean blue sky that is the canvass for the scudding, flowing  clouds. I love that the wind woke me in the night and I got up to see the light show to the south of us and listen to the lightnings thunderous rumblings from so...


Today I Love That It Is Sweater Weather

Sweaters are love

Today I love that it is sweater weather, cool and fresh, that makes me feel thankful for the comfort of my poncho that was made by hand for me with love and laughter. I love its quirky style, love how it hangs around  like it doesn't want to let me go, love how it makes me feel worthy and worthwhile, and all the time still keeps me...


Today I Love Things Done Well

Evening view from the dragon boat helm

Today I love things done well and left on the path behind me. I love when something needs doing and I hit it and get it over with and then when I look back at it I realize I did well and should be proud. I love moving ahead with things whether they are big or small or even if they seem big but end up...


Today I Love “Not Enough”

It's Bob O'clock #808gooddeeds

Today I love "not enough" because when I feel like there is not enough of something it reminds me of the things I love. I love that there was not enough of Bob Wallace  to go around and so we cling to his memory and celebrate the things that made him both famous and dear to us here. I love that even though there was not enough of him...


Today I Love The Race

The passing vistas in the day's race ...

Today I love the race we engage in every day, the race to get things done, the race to get here or there, the race to grow up, and the race to find love. I love that I am racing to an appointment this morning and then we'll be racing around to take care of things we want done before our...


Today I Love The Web Of Life

A gift of jewellery as a token of love

Today I love the web of life and the way in which all things are connected, even those things and beings that don't see these fine and lacy connections that tether us, one to each other, in ways that make us all resonate quietly in the dark corners of our being if we will but...


Today I Love Feeling Much Better

Decisions, decisions. I pick ... both.

Today I love feeling much better than I did last night. I love knowing that, when I'm not well I can heal and mend. I love that it takes a lot to get me down, and a whole lot more to keep me there. I love that I woke up this morning feeling weak and like I'd been unwell, and I got up and hit...


Today I Love Thunder In The Night

The front porch office

Today I love thunder in the night. I love that before the thunder came there was a deluge that poured down so loud it woke me gently and my first thoughts were to wonder unconcernedly if I'd left anything outside that shouldn't be. I love that I thought one of those things might have been my computer, and then I thought, "good!" and then I kind of laughed...


Today I Love Continuity

Blue September

Today I love continuity. I love that I have been writing daily "Today I Love" posts for over five years, and I've been writing them here at Psych Central for over three years, three years and four weeks to be exact. I love that my dear friend Caitlin, whom I swear one day I will actually meet, and who started me writing "Today I Love ..." posts, has gone 150 days...

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