Today I Love Great Mysteries

My terrible, wonderful bay

Today I love great mysteries like the wrecks of ships that have gone down in my beloved Georgian Bay and where those wrecks might be hiding. I love that the exact whereabouts of the Jane Miller, discovered last July and acknowledged last Autumn on November 25th, the 136th anniversary of her demise, are still unrevealed but the vague description of the location is pretty...


Today I Love My City’s Market

A view of my favorite market

Today I love my city's market, it's age, its tradition, its stalwart determination to continue as part of our culture and community, and its seemingly unstoppable ability to thrive and be viable. I love that it is a part of my Saturday mornings, that some of the highlights of our weekly menu come from there, and that some of the highlights of my social...


Today I Love Last Night’s Red Gold Moon

Moon departing

Today I love last night's red gold moon and how it revealed itself to us just as it was getting ready to set. I love that I imagined it saying, "I have to go now, and I didn't have much time to spend with you but I wanted to make sure I got to say goodbye ..." I love my world, my life, the way it plays out in my...


Today I Love The Maple Next Door

A tree determined to enjoy the season

Today I love the maple next door and the way it seems to have exploded, seemingly overnight, into a fully leafed tree, while some others around here are still just budding. I love majestic trees looking like they have just been crowned the emperor of their domains and standing tall and stately, guarding their corner of the world. I love being outside in the...


Today I Love Parking Big Trailers

There's always tonights draw ... ha ha ha

Today I love parking big trailers and by that I mean I love when they finally get parked where they're supposed to be. I love that even though no two trailers are the same and even though it takes a few tries to get used to a trailer, eventually they decide to behave and go where they're supposed to go. I love that...


Today I Love The Mysterious Fog

The misty inner bay

Today I love the mysterious fog that shrouds the bay like a layer of quilt cotton laid out to fit around the high points. I love that we got up and walked through our neighborhood and saw the inner bay from the edge of the east bluff. I love that it only misted while we were out and even though the grass was wet and my...


Today I Love My Home

Ah home, sweet home ...

Today I love my home and the feeling I get being here. I love that, although it has taken a while, this space where I live has become sanctuary. I love that it is starting to make me feel the adult version of how I felt as a child when everything seemed to be just as it should within the confines of a space that my heart...


Today I Love My Mother’s Memory

Coffee, computer, internet, the road ... Yes!

Today I love my mother's memory and how it seems to comfort me more and sadden me less each year. I love to hear conversations between mothers and children on Mothers' Day even when I can only hear half of the conversation. I love how this day is often soft and warm and inviting, weather wise and I am happy that Mothers' Day...


Today I Love The Rowdy Crowd Of Birds

Right on cue ...

Today I love the rowdy crowd of birds outside my window at five AM this morning. I love that, even though I did not want to be awake at that time, they were oblivious to my discomfort in their overwhelming ecstasy of song, so much so that I was forced to set my grumbling aside and accept my lot, that I was forced to lie awake and listen to happy...


Today I Love This Bright Chilly Morning

Coffee in the sun

Today I love this bright chilly morning that calls me outside with its brilliant light and then sends me back into the house for a sweater. I love how wonderfully friendly a sweater can feel. I love that I have sweaters that have been made for me by people I love and they feel like the best hugs. I love that one of my sweaters was made for...

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