Today I Love Scouts To The Rescue

Scouts to the rescue!!!

Today I love Scouts to the rescue when there's an opportunity to help and they have the ability to do so. I love that although there is someone stupid enough to throw a picnic table and a traffic barricade into the bay there are people smart enough to fix that situation. I love that I got to see that happen, got to see a...


Today I Love Working Hard

Merfolk are the best folk

Today I love working hard at the things I do. I love thinking things out and doing things that make future work easier. I love that I took the legs off of a deck like platform to make it ready for storage and once they were off I screwed them to the underside out of the way but handy for when we put it together next...


Today I Love Festivals

Reusable coffee cups rule!

Today I love festivals, and I especially love my own Summerfolk Folk Festival. I love that, even though I love it so much, it is the last day of the festival and tomorrow we begin tearing it down again for another year. I love that it is three days long, long enough to see a lot of stuff, hear...


Today I Love Interviewing Musicians

Hanging out back stage ...

Today I love interviewing musicians and talking to them about the connections that they have with the people like me who get to hear their work and their stories and their interpretations of the world as they see it. I love that I get to talk to people about their work. I love that today I interviewed Kathleen Edwards and last night I interviewed Laura...


Today I Love Being Ready To Go

Well shirted

Today I love being ready to go and seize the day and not just hold on to it, though I'll do that for all I'm worth, but to squeeze it dry of every drop of goodness that it has to offer me. I love that I will be off to Summerfolk construction soon and that's going to be fun. I love that there will be problems because that...


Today I Love Feeling Sore

Feeling at home in the Wednesday office

Today I love feeling sore because it's a good kind of sore, the ache you feel when you've been working and getting things done. I love that I spent the day yesterday going back and forth from construction work to online work and all that work worked out all right for me. I love that I ended the day with a dragon boat...


Today I Love The Call Of Summerfolk

Ready to roll!

Today I love the call of Summerfolk, our huge local folk festival that so many of us volunteer at. I love that construction started on Saturday and I'm on my way over to the park to dig in to that. I love that I get to be one of the hosts of the official weekly Summerfolk radio show, Georgian Bay Roots, and that that's all i need...


Today I Love Calm Water

The bay of tranquility

Today I love calm water and the way that it reminds me that sometimes life just stops the tempest of craziness and lets me think and ponder, contemplate and plan. I love that I have lots to do today, but it is all within my means and I will get to it all, each task in its time. I love that as always,...


Today I Love The Playful Bay

By the bay

Today I love the playful bay as it puddles around the sandy shores and slaps at the rocky edges. I love how it has flexed its muscles and climbed up the shoreline this year, though it is causing lots of trouble at parks and docks and cottage shorelines including a bit at our own. I love that our dock is such a novelty on this bay's shoreline...