Today I Love Good Writing

Not a bad looking morning ...

Today I love good writing like the works of Stephen Leacock and Mark Twain and Wodehouse. I love that I often attempt to imitate these writers with marginal success, and that even a little bit of success in that endeavor makes my writing better than it could have been. I love that so many great writers have been recognized as great, and published, so...


Today I Love Moose Can Coffee

Rainy moose can office Wednesdays

Today I love moose can coffee in my moose can coffee travel mug. I love it because it keeps my coffee hot for a long time, because it has moose silhouettes on it, because it reminds me of Victoria where I bought it, and because it does not leak when it is sealed. I love that it holds two regular sized coffees and...


Today I Love The Quietly Flickering Fireplace

Coffee break!

Today I love the quietly flickering fireplace taking the chill out of the room as I write and work this morning. I love the dancing flames, I'm entranced by their jagged orange tongues reaching upward and then flicking sideways, dropping out of sight and then springing up again. I love the feel of the heat radiating from the front of the fireplace, and the soft warm breeze coming...


Today I Love All The Weather

Memories of things that have passed

Today I love all the weather and the fact that it is supposed to be sunny with cloudy periods and the tiniest smattering of rain and while we were waiting for laundry to be ready to go out on the line we got a dusting of snow that lasted not quite ten seconds and I said my famous line, "Hey look, everybody,...


Today I Love Sunshine Through Cedars

Morning light

Today I love sunshine through cedars dappling the walls of the cottage and shimmering in the rusty leaves of the maples. I love that it is supposed to be a rainy day but the painted escarpment across the bay in Bruce county is shimmering in spots of light and no rain has fallen yet. I love when shadows and light run along that bluff and race to the islands...


Today I Love Family Dinner

Coffee for contemplation

Today I love family dinner with my brothers, neither of which participate in social media because, I suspect, they feel that with me there there is no room for them. I love that they are my brothers, I love them, and I love that we are all together for this first thanksgiving as orphans. I love that, here in Canada, it is thanksgiving weekend....


Today I Love The Tiger Tail Sky

The first view of the morning sky

Today I love the tiger tail sky out the upstairs window this morning before the sun came up. I love that most mornings when I get up and look at the sky I see a scene that I enjoy. I love that I am not oblivious to the fact that I do love that I lived long enough to see this day and a lot...


Today I Love Getting Ready To Curl

yesterday's laundry still waiting for me

Today I love getting ready to curl tonight for our first game. I love that it is a quick draw of some of us experienced players and all the new curlers we spent the last three "learn to curl" nights training. I love that this is where it gets fun. I love that I openly admit to trolling my dragon boaters to get...


Today I Love Taking Wednesday Off

Happy rumbling laundry getting ready to go out and play on the line

Today I love taking Wednesday off from my usual routine, partly because I have some things that need to get done, but mostly I love it because I'm missing my routine already and that just tells me that I love the way my life usually works and I love my Wednesdays in my Wednesday office and so I'm going to...


Today I Love The Sparkling Sun

Warm feet are lovely things

Today I love the sparkling sun as it makes its way up into Autumn's sky of beautiful rich blue and lights up all the leaves of brilliant color that are every where I look. I love this time of year, love the rich smells of earth and water and wind and even rain. I love that the smells of the seasons always make me feel...