Today I Love The House Just A-Hoppin’

Reaching for the gutter

Today I love the house just a hoppin' with activities designed to make our lives easier in the long run. I love that the gutters have been made to flow and in a little bit I'm going to grab a bucket and clean them out completely. I love that breakfast is cooked and eaten and it was pretty darned good in my opinion though I...


Today I Love Getting New Rain barrels

Yeah, I figured it out ...

Today I love getting new rain barrels, making plans to set them up and to use them and to remember to drain them in the fall before they freeze and split. I love that my first challenge will be to build a deck for the barrels to sit on, and my second one will be to figure out how to put the nut...


Today I Love Sunny Morning Walks

The p̶a̶t̶i̶o̶ Chivery

Today I love sunny morning walks in the early part of the day before the night time chill has been stripped away from the air. I love how good the sun feels when you walk out of a shadow and the rays hit you like a weightless blanket, suddenly there but only making their presence known by their warmth. I love the rumble of...


Today I Love This Misty Wet Day

The universe disappearing into the mist

Today I love this misty wet day. I love that I feel at home and comfortable when I can sit on the front porch and watch the rain fall while I write. I love that visibility is so limited that I can't see more than a couple of blocks away and what I can see is viewed through a shimmering, silver grey screen of rain....


Today I Love The Explosion Of Lilacs

There you are ....

Today I love the explosion of lilacs all over everywhere at my latitude. I love all the colors of them, often bunched together for contrast. I love the sudden, aromatic tap on the shoulder they give me when I'm walking down a street and they whisper, "Hey, we're right here, right behind you, right around the next corner, hiding in someone's back yard." I love...


Today I Love The Columbine

Columbine acquaintances

Today I love the Columbine climbing to the sky to share it's rich purple glory with the beautiful blue of a sunny day. I love the little ways that the front flower bed changes on the daily. I love watching closely only to be surprised when I notice something that clearly has been changing right before my eyes but that I missed, like the giant Lady's Mantle plants that are so...


Today I Love Feeling And Breathing Better

What's next

Today I love feeling better and breathing easier. I love antibiotics when administered judiciously, love that although I have had too many rounds of them in the last year this latest round is probably exactly what I've been needing lately. I love that all it took was the fifteen minute drive back from the emergency room before I was feeling so much better. I love that though...


Today I Love The Babbling Brook

Easy, peaceful stream

Today I love the babbling brook that makes its way down past the cottage to the bay. I love to hear it laugh and chatter as it falls down past the front deck and the back deck and then sneaks around behind the bunkie and suddenly escapes to the freedom of the open water. I love that it is still running though it won't...


Today I Love Pride Parades

Growing like a weed ... or a bunch of them I guess?

Today I love pride parades and the fact that I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this post done so I can go join my friends and my community to celebrate this aspect of our community that totally belongs here. I love love and I respect love where ever it is found. I love relationships that are strong and...


Today I Love This Deep Blue Sky

Dr. Archie "Moonlight" Graham's sky

Today I love this deep blue sky, "a sky so blue that it hurts your eyes just to look at it." as Burt Lancaster said in Field Of Dreams. I love that I am out on the front porch looking at the Western sky in the shade of the house so that the sun doesn't make it impossible for me to see my screen and still...