Today I Love Spring In Autumn

Welcome false Spring, I appreciate your reminder of the coming changes

Today I love Spring in Autumn when the early snow of November and December all melts and the lawns come back out to green up the street. I love the moist, rich smell of the air outside, the sound of dripping everywhere and the premature yearning that a thaw always brings once we're past the autumnal equinox and...


Today I Love The Serene Quiet Of This Day

Still heat in the ground ...

Today I love the serene quiet of this day of misty grey skies and cool, chilling, motionless air. I love that the freshness outside the front door makes me thankful for my hand made sweater. I love that I have four sweaters that have been made just for me. I love that there is a break in the freezing temperatures and I love that that's okay...


Today I Love This Foggy Head Weather

Memories of hobbies

Today I love this foggy head weather that makes me present in the moment even though the present moment isn't very pleasant. I love how good it feels to sit down and relax when my body is aching with some kind of bug. I love that I am dreaming of going back to bed but I need to get some things done first. I love that I can...


Today I Love Feeling Weird

The street outside my Wednesday office ... waiting for people to meet each other

Today I love feeling weird and odd and not my usual self. I love that I'm in that zone where I know I'm coming down with something and I feel it coming on but I'm not sick yet and am still able to function pretty well. I love that I'm all anxious about getting stuff done before I do...


Today I Love Making Progress

The new age of dining ...

Today I love making progress with the Household Reorganization Project here in the castle. I love how different the living room looks, still with all the instruments in it, but now much less like a music room yet still where the music is made. I love that we have reorganized so many things and now we have a functional dining room where before we had...


Today I Love Engaging With My World

Coffee's on!

Today I love engaging with my world at so many levels and for so many reasons. I love that most people reciprocate when they are engaged. I love how wildly and intricately the different threads of my life are interwoven with themselves and with the threads of others, love the beautiful pattern that weaving creates, love the richness of the cloth of life that we all wear and share....


Today I Love The Kemble Christmas Parade

Sunday bowls of coffee

Today I love the Kemble Christmas parade that some of my fellow dragon boaters and I will be participating in. I love that I call us the Dragoneers and that they are stuck with that name, 'cause I'm never going to stop saying Dragoneers! I love that we will have our sturdy little boat's head and tail with us. I love that we all pondered having the...


Today I Love Getting Better

... and then the next minute, it's snowing again

Today I love getting better and healing. I love that my index finger on my fretting hand is feeling fine and is only a little stiff. I love how my shoulder twinges when I don't stretch it before I go curling, love that one of these days it's going to remind me and I'll start remembering it before and not after....


Today I Love The Finishing Of A Good Week

The picture of crazy-busy

Today I love the finishing of a good week. I love that it has been stressful in that it was a deviation from our normal patterns, but it should all be back on track now. I love that there were things to do that were unique occurrences and now that they are behind us we can settle back into the way things usually are for a few days...


Today I Love The Wildlife Outside

Wildlife abounds

Today I love the wildlife outside that leaves its subtle marks and traces round my home. I love the prints of rabbits so fresh in the snow that you can still see the outline of each padded foot and yet they are nowhere to be seen and the snow is falling steadily. I love that they are masters of hiding when they choose to be and yet have little...