About Dr. Scott West

About ThriveLogic TMS + NeuroHealth: In April of 2010, Dr. West brought the technology of NeuroStar TMS to Nashville, becoming the first physician in Tennessee to offer the option of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for patients whose severe depression has not responded to a course of antidepressant medication or treatment for depression. ThriveLogic TMS + NeuroHealth (formerly Nashville TMS) Team offers the most experience in the Tennessee-area. We have treated 300+ patients across the U.S. and administered 12,000+ TMS treatments, plus we maintain some of the highest percentages of positive patient responses and remission rates in the industry. Hear what ThriveLogic patients have to say about their depression treatment experiences and outcomes! Explore Patient Testimonials. For more information on this and other topics related to the treatment of depression and mental health issues, contact us at (615) 712-6251 or info@thrivelogic.com or visit our website ThriveLogic.com.

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