Single Women over 50 – What’s it Like to Date

I am going to share one woman's experience with dating in her 50's:

"I have come to realize that all men in their 50's are crazy!" jokes Mary, a recently divorced woman in her 50's.

"When I first started dating at age 56, after the ending of my long-term marriage, I was scared to death because I had lost my youth and felt there was no way to put myself out there as an older woman. Over time,...


Coping with Menopause

Many women are afraid of menopause. So many of their predecessors, including their mothers, have acted as if menopause was a severe torture - particularly the mood swings and hot flashes.  Some are afraid of facing the loss of their ability to reproduce; fearing that they will be less of a woman after menopause.  If you have any of these fears, then this article is written for you.

Most people think of menopause as the time period...


Sex after 50

Rest assured, there is no upper limit on age when it comes to enjoying a sex life.

So many people worry that they will outgrow their need or desire for sex. Often, older people tend to be erroneously viewed as asexual people who have lost both their interest in sex and their capacity for sexual behavior.

This simply is not true; rather, it is a stereotypical false-assumption at best.

Studies have shown that more 85 percent of people above...


Now what? What to do after you’ve done it all

If you find yourself in this position - congratulations on a life well lived!  Many people, if not most, tend to come to their mid-fifties or sixties and feel deeply disappointed in themselves because of the way their lives "turned out."

Or, maybe you're not feeling disappointed, but simply feeling lost and curious about what to do next. Most of our lives we've been conditioned to believe that you grow up, graduate from high school, go to...