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The Value of Being Valued


2719370443_cf5a845ab5_oYesterday was a very special day. As a Human Resources Director I had the amazing privilege of making 350 employees happier.

These employees were formally recognized for the first time in 40 years for their loyalty and dedication. And what really surprised me was that it was not the award that was given to them what made the difference.

It was all about the recognition. The appreciation. The thoughtfulness. That’s what made these 350 individuals smile.

So it got me thinking on how important it is for all human beings to feel valued by others.

  • Everyone wants to feel cared about. It’s part of our nature as social beings. And this need shows in all realms of life. Work and personal. Because regardless of the setting, we’re still human beings.
  • We want the people close to us to acknowledge our needs and feelings, just as much as we want our employer to recognize our efforts and the value we add through our work.
  • We want to feel that we matter. That we are seen by others. That the space we occupy in this world makes a difference. That we make a difference.

Chaplin once said: “Greed has poisoned men’s souls … We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.”

It’s true.

People are not machines. They are not valuable because of their sophisticated capabilities. People are valuable because of their heart and soul. That’s what they pour into everything that they do. That’s what they bring into their work and their relationships. And that’s what they contribute to this world.

So maybe it’s time we start recognizing the value of being valued. But being valued for the right reasons. For the love, compassion, honesty, loyalty, kindness, passion, hard work, and dedication that we bring to this life.

By valuing these worthy attributes we’ll make all that matters really matter.

Here are 4 ideas on how to make others feel valued:

1. Say Thank You

A sincere thank you that comes from the heart goes a long way. Expressing our gratitude to others and letting them know that we value everything that they do does wonders to their self-esteem and to the quality of our relationship with them.

If you want to engage your employees make sure to thank them for their contributions. If you want your partner to know how much you value the “little” things he does for you that mean so much to you, tell him so. Never assume people already know how valuable you find them. Make sure to tell them!

2. Smile  

A smile can say more than a million words. It can make another person feel welcome, appreciated, and acknowledged. Nothing is worse than feeling ignored or invisible. Everybody wants to be seen. To be recognized by others.

So take one second to smile at the people who cross your path, especially those who somehow make your life better. I used to think I was too busy to smile at people. So obsessed with the end results that I completely missed everyone along the way. Until I realized, acknowledging them came first. Everything else came later.

3. Listen

Taking the time to listen to others is a grand gesture. It shows you care enough that you’re willing to invest your precious time in them. Focusing your full attention on someone else can make that person feel like they’re the center of the universe!

So take the time to listen. Even if you don’t have a solution for their problem or you think you can’t do anything for them. Just listen. Sometimes that’s all people need to feel valued. Sometimes that’s all they’re looking for.

4. Speak the Truth

Be careful not to undermine others by sugarcoating the truth. Or avoid telling them how you really feel because you assume they can’t handle it. Failing to speak your mind for fear of hurting their feelings will only make them feel worse.

As long as you say it kindly and with gentleness, people will appreciate your honesty. They will know you value them enough to make the effort of telling them the uncomfortable truth instead of going for the easy denial.

Never doubt for a second that you are more valuable than the purest diamond there is. And that all human beings, despite their imperfections, are just as valuable too. We just need to remind ourselves of it.


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The Value of Being Valued

Jessica Beltran, MS

Jessica Beltran, MS is a deeply passionate soul who firmly believes it is never too late to become who we want to be. She started out her career as a corporate attorney to later realize that her true passion and calling in life is psychology. She now holds a Masters of Science in Psychology and currently works in Human Resources, applying psychology to the business world. Jessica loves to write about the human mind and behavior not only based on what science has taught her but on what she’s learned from her own self-discovery journey. Psychology changed her life and Jessica hopes through the beauty of words and her love for the field she’ll be able to change the lives of others.

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