4373811197_1672ff7c01_oOne more year has passed by. This coming weekend is my birthday. And reflecting back on the years I’ve lived I realize the most important lesson life has taught me. The foundation of an abundant life: Self-love.

Everything that’s good stems from self-love. Strength, courage, compassion, wisdom. They all come from within.

We don’t need to spend our lives searching outside for something that’s within us all along.

Looking for that perfect career that will make us somebody. Seeking that perfect person that will make us lovable. Striving for that perfect life that will make our being worthy of living. It is just a mindless search that ends up taking the peace from us that we’re so desperately looking for. That’s the irony of it all.

We are already somebody. Unprecedented and unique. We were born deserving of love. Unconditional love. And our existence itself makes us worthy of living. Of tapping into life’s boundless possibilities.

When we love ourselves, accept ourselves, and honor ourselves, everything just falls into place. Only then can we discover our true calling. Only then can we find the soul mate our heart is yearning for. And only then can we create a life worthy of our being.

It is the love within us what makes for our experience in this world. Not the other way around.

When we love ourselves…

We do what it takes to create the life of our dreams. Because we know we deserve it.  And we believe we owe it to ourselves. All that fear that used to stop us doesn’t hold us back anymore. We know that even if we fail we’ll still love ourselves just as much.

When our sense of worth does not depend on “gold medals”, we have nothing to lose. We can dare to risk it all. Because there is nothing to prove.

When we love ourselves unconditionally we don’t need to “do” to “be”. We just are. And when doing becomes a privilege, rather than a prerequisite, passion is born. And so are our dreams.

We embrace our essence, just as it is. We don’t try to change who we are. But become one with who we are.  And by accepting ourselves fully, we allow ourselves to grow into who we want to be.

We begin to see life as an opportunity for endless growth. Because we know we deserve to develop and to evolve.

We stop caring about what others have to say. And start following our heart instead. We find the courage to ignore the “should be”. And start living a life that’s faithful to our true self. Aligning our thoughts, actions, and emotions with our own deeply cherished values.

We’re good with ourselves. We nourish our mind, our body, and our spirit. We do what we know is right for us. Treating our body as we would treat the most sacred place. Feeding our mind only nurturing thoughts. And giving our spirit the peace and joy it craves for.

We start to value every minute of our time and carefully select what we spend it on. We don’t waste our life. We make the most out of it. Pursuing activities that stretch our limitations. And engaging in hobbies that provide us meaningful satisfaction.

We look for inspiration in everything that we do. And challenge ourselves to be the best we can be.

We forgive ourselves, as we would forgive a child who is still learning. Because we know that we’re not perfect. That we don’t know it all. That our mistakes don’t define us. And that failing is a natural part of life everyone is entitled to. Even us.

We don’t berate ourselves. Or beat ourselves up. We treat ourselves kindly, regardless. And when we make a mistake, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn from it. To become wiser because of it.

We don’t set unrealistically high expectations of ourselves, because we’re only human. And we acknowledge our “humanness”.

We give the best of ourselves to others. When we have love inside of us it projects into all that surrounds us. Love, just like hate, is contagious. So we infect the world with our love. We irradiate peace. And by doing so, we provide hope and comfort to others.

We strive to become a better spouse, a better parent, a better friend. Because we care. We love ourselves enough to know that we can touch someone’s heart. That we can make their life better. So we do.

We can only give what we have. And when we have love, we have everything to give.

I had never really understood what self-love is, until now. It is the most precious gift we can give to ourselves. One that doesn’t cost anything, but that’s worth everything.

So this year, I’m giving myself the gift of self-love. And if it’s true that we’re granted a wish on our birthday, my wish is that you start loving yourself unconditionally too.


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