Success & Empowerment

How To Make Dreams Come True

Have you ever wondered why there are people who accomplish their goals while others keep failing to follow through on their dreams?

It is easy to assume it’s due to talent. However, people who start out first don’t necessarily end up first. It is those who possess grit that endure until the end. It is grit, not talent, what determines success.

What is grit? Grit is the combination of passion and perseverance. Grit is finding what sets your soul on fire and pursuing it relentlessly.

Success & Empowerment

Build A Better World Through Appreciation

I have the privilege of working for a company that holds recognition as one of its core values and the cornerstone of its culture. Not only do we have various forms of employee recognition initiatives, but once a month we get together and spend forty five minutes recognizing one another. One by one. Every single month.

Other than my mom’s attempts to get me and my siblings to express our gratitude during Thanksgiving dinners, I had never experienced anything like it before! Especially in the corporate world, where it’s mostly about financials and not enough about humans. It takes a special kind of organization to look beyond the grind and really see the force behind it. Its people.

Change & Growth

What Would You Do Even If You Knew You Would Fail?

Today I took my first salsa lesson and boy did I learn. I still have no idea how to dance salsa (I’m not even comfortable with the basic three steps forward three steps backward) but I learned so much just by trying.

See, I had wanted to dance salsa for years. And I mean years! I always told myself I just didn’t have enough time or energy to do it. But the truth is, I was deeply terrified of doing it! I had never danced salsa before in my life and, although I confess I dreamt of moving swiftly across a dance floor with ease every time I heard a song from Marc Anthony on the radio, I was terrified of making a fool out of myself.

And a fool of myself I made! But you know what was truly incredible? That once I overcame that dreadful fear (I literally thought I would run out of that studio and never look back) I realized how liberating it was! I remembered the thrill of learning something new and enjoying the process for what it actually was. An adventure of sorts to get out of my regular routine and become daring, bold, and free spirited even if just for one hour. 

Happiness & Well-being

Change Your Lens. Change Your World.

The lens through which we view the world determines our reality. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I’m sure this is not a new concept to you. It sure isn’t to me. And despite that, I easily forget, more often than not. Every now and then I get wrapped up in my idea of what “should be” that I fail to see things the way they are.

Success & Empowerment

Find Your Purpose And Shine On

What is your calling? What is your purpose in life? What did you come to this world to do?

If you’re a passionate and introspective soul like me, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions before. More and more everyday we read about how we should find our purpose and pursue it throughout our lives in order to find meaning and contentment. There are even scientific studies that show that people who view their work as a calling rather than just a career or a job have a higher life and work satisfaction. So what exactly is this calling or purpose?

Change & Growth

Embarking On A Spiritual Journey

Growing up I didn't know much about spirituality. All I knew about was religion, which required following a certain dogma that contradicted my rational mind. The idea of having to strictly adopt a predefined belief system above all others was beyond me. Especially when I didn’t share many of the rules that were a part of it. So I decided to give up on religion a long time ago. And with it, I gave up on spirituality.

Health & Balance

The Art Of Juggling The Past, Present & Future

I was driving in my car this morning when a well-known Italian singer, Eros Ramazzotti, came on the radio. I was immediately transported to a different time and space just by listening to his voice. I was reminded of my life, six or seven years ago, when I went through an existential crisis that forced me to engage in a quest for wholeness. Because mostly everything about my life back then just felt wrong. Internally and externally. Personally, professionally, and even geographically. I felt trapped in a “place” I was not happy with and I was determined to get out of it.