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Archives for October, 2012


5 Tips to Weather the Storm: Hurricanes, Tornados, and Lightening, Oh My!

The anticipation of what may be the most severe weather event in the northeastern United States since 1903 looms heavy over the region in anxious wait.  In fact, hours from now, the eye of Hurricane Sandy will be hovering over my New Jersey town after “she” slams into our nearby coast, approximately 50 miles due West. So, how could I not write about the tension in the air?

Excessive and irrational fears about the natural...
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Emotional Health

How YOU Can Find an Effective Therapist

Finding a therapist can be a daunting task. Our communities are full of these trained listeners. But what makes an effective therapist? Of course, the ability of a therapist to develop a strong, therapeutic alliance and the ability to genuinely convey empathy and understanding are important factors in a therapist’s “good fit” for any given individual and their needs. This premise, frequently referred to as “common factors”, is most certainly critical for change to...
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Finding Therapy That Works

A young, sullen woman in her mid-thirties lays on a couch, speaking of her dissatisfaction with life, while her bearded, middle –aged, male therapist looks through his spectacles and provides bits of insight into her mother’s contribution to her beliefs that she is inadequate and unworthy of love and happiness.
We’ve all seen this mockery of psychotherapy. And, many of us know that this illustration paints an inaccurate and devaluing...
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