The ‘God in Therapy’ Series

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Is He the last taboo? Is the God of the Bible relevant to psychotherapy? Can a therapist bring up the subject or is this a violation of ethics? What about bringing up belief, faith, religion, and morals? Are therapists prepared to discuss these topics? Should they even try? Why is God so popular in addiction treatment therapy but in mental health therapy, not so much? Come explore these and other questions with Therapy Soup.

God in Therapy: Let’s Talk

God In Therapy: Talking With Wendy Young

God In Therapy: Humility, Belief and Control

God In Therapy: A Jewish Confession

God in Therapy: To Believe or Not To Believe

God in Therapy: Songwriter and Psychotherapist Julie Hanks Shatters Stereotypes

God in Therapy: The Unofficial Interviewee Poll

Belief, Religion and God: Your Poll Response

God in Therapy: Feel This!

God in Therapy: Heresy!

God in Therapy: Weekend Pow-wow Kabbalah?

God in Therapy: Finding a Kabbalah Teacher

Kabbalah: Buyer Beware

Kabbalah’s Three Dimensional Smile

Zen, Yoga, TM, and Kabbalah: The Great Meditation Debate

Transcendental Meditation and Kabbalah: The Great Meditation Debate Continues

Kabbalistic Meditation: Magic, Religion, or Healthy Boundaries?

Three Kabbalah Tidbits: Benefits and Insights

Self-esteem and Kabbalah Meditation

God and Addiction, Yes. God and Mental Illness, No?

Nothingness and Emptiness in Kabbalah

Prayer and our Health

Seven Rules Of Mindful Eating For Health & Weight Loss

From Slavery to Freedom

Personality Disorders And The Human Soul

First 5 Thoughts On Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami

The Soul of Art with Artist and Art Therapist Atara Grenadir

Color, Insight, and Healing with NY Artist Atara Grenadir

Therapy Is Not A Religion

12-Steps, Kabbalah, and Self

Parenting Experts Say No to Religion, Spirituality

Big Bad Mouth

Leiby Kletzky’s Murder: We Cannot Understand, We Can Act

God and My Weight Loss

The Perfect Harmony of Compassion

A Powerful Storm And Personal Power

How To Deal With An Emotional Terrorist

Poll: Does God Have A Plan For You?

Don’t Touch My Brain

Cult Or Religion?

Happy Hanukkah

Cult Seduction

5 Mental Health Pro Trends We Hope To See For 2012

The Nicotine Patch Or Spiritual Solution?

Betraying A Cult

I Feel Like A Robot

Seven Old Fashioned Ideas That Can Make Marriage Last

God, Religion, Bigotry, Slavery, Compassion Overload, Etc.

Slavery, Freedom, And The Soul Of Addiction

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