Friendless? Four Tips To Make (Real) Friends For Life

1. Different Types of Friends

Recognizing that you can have friends for different reasons is the first step towards bringing friendships back into your life. If you gravitate towards "all or nothing" thinking, it's time to change your attitude. There are many types of friends and friends for different times and reasons.

You can have friendships based on


You Are Who You Meet–The Importance Of Friends

"Choose your friends wisely", mom and dad said when you were a child.

That advice may have been absolutely correct. You are influenced by your peers, even more than you know.

In fact, hang around long enough with someone and your brain waves will start to look almost identical, some research seems to suggest.


Why I Don’t Talk Politics

I pretty much stopped talking politics a few years ago.

For a good part of my adult years, I'm ashamed to say that I viewed people who didn't care about politics as not quite three-dimensional, not quite deserving of serious attention.

*Then I met Richard who just about never talks politics. I thought that was just strange.


Smile Therapy

Is it fair or kind to ask someone who's depressed to try and smile?

Is this something a supportive friend or even a therapist should do?

Smile Studies

You may have heard that you use fewer muscles to smile than you do to frown, but that isn't necessarily true–the actual evidence seems hard to pin down. However, what is true is that when you smile, you improve your mood.