You Can Start Over If You Believe In Yourself

Whatever is going on with you, whether you a struggling with depression, anxiety, a personality disorder, addiction, or other mental or emotional illness, you might feel like you'd like to just start all over again, fresh, with a blank slate, to embrace change, grow, live and love.

You might daydream about starting fresh or you might feel that thinking that way, feeling a flicker of hope, is just too painful--after all, haven't your hopes been shattered...

borderline personality disorder

Describing A Narcissistic Parent’s Abuse

Narcissistic abuse of children is abuse of children by a narcissistic parent or parents. The abuse usually takes the form of emotional abuse but may include physical abuse.

Anyone who's been raised by a narcissist will recognize their narcissistic parent in this overview of their behavior, to varying degrees: The narcissistic parent needs the child to give up their own desires, deny their own feelings, and repress their personal autonomy in order to serve the parent's...


Nope, We’re Not Afraid Of 13 (Our 13 Favorite Posts From 2017)

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Do Your Feelings Own You?

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Do Your Feelings Own You?

Human emotions and feelings are the stuff of poetry. There are certain expressions of feelings that we equate with nobility of character--love, honor, respect, friendship.

But it seems that at least since the 1960s all feelings are considered worthy of expression and exploration.

We've bought the idea that because jealousy, pain, outrage, hatred, schadenfreude, righteous indignation, and deep sadness occur "naturally," therefore they are healthy. Because we all have moments when we feel these feelings, they are...


Are You A Help Rejecting Complainer?

J. "I feel so depressed."

M. "I'm sorry, how about coming out shopping with me?"

J. "What?? And spend money? You know how little money I have right now."

M. "Oh, sorry. Okay, why not take a walk and get some fresh air--that always clears my head."

J. "Walking never helps."

M. "I know, I saw a really inspiring article online the other day. Let me find it for you--it really picked up my spirits."

J. "Reading doesn't change anything."

M. "Maybe...