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Unique Trauma Treatment & PTSD Prevention Make Waves

Last May suicide bomber Salman Abedi, in Manchester, England murdered 22 people and wounded over 100, at a pop concert packed with children and teens. Anyone called upon to help victims, whether professionally or not, at any other of the terror attacks the world over, would most likely instinctually reach out to hug or offer other soothing and comforting support.

But in the aftermath of this horrific mass murder, a new kind of Israeli trauma...
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How To Be Happy. Is It Really This Simple?

The key to true happiness is, according to a recent study, giving. But is it really that simple?

Being generous, according to this study*, leads to measurable changes in brain activity and neural connectivity in specific regions associated with happiness.

Fifty subjects were divided into two groups. Each group (which ended up being 24 subjects due to exclusions) was told they would be receiving 25 Swiss francs a week over the upcoming four weeks.

One group agreed to spend the money...
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18 Reasons Trying To Help Others Can Be A Mixed Bag


Giving to others can affect us deeply, both positively and not so positively depending on the situation.

Where do you draw the line drawn between over-the-top giving (emotional, material, etc.) and true charity or kindness?

Where is the line drawn between catering to unreasonable demands and making the positive choice to keep peace?

Placating vs. peacemaking?

Surrendering? Appeasing?

Trying to be everything to others, or being a "rock" when you feel like a pebble inside.

Are you trying to make everyone else...
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Questions About Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and Narcissists

Psychopaths and sociopaths are pop-psychology terms describing two somewhat different types or expressions of antisocial personality disorder.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a separate disorder, but there is much overlap.

Narcissistic traits are inherently part of antisocial personality disorder, and antisocial traits are inherently part of narcissistic personality disorder. Is there more work to be done on defining these disorders?
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