What Two Men In Their 90s Taught Us About Happiness

Bernard, our upstairs neighbor, had just turned 94 (years old!) when he first began to learn how to use a desktop computer. He would send us an email every weekday morning for almost the entire next four years until he passed away.

The email was simple: It contained a brief yet formal, "Good morning," and then a joke, and then his name. 


Using Aromatherapy For Patients With Anxiety

A variety of non-therapeutic details may enhance a course of therapy. While it's true that very successful therapy can and does occur in "clinical-looking" spaces, therapists tend to put their own personal aesthetic stamp on their treatment spaces. (I myself keep my office very...


Unhappy/Happy Childhood–Is It Black & White?

Happy childhood memories linked to better adult health. 

Don't spank--you'll harm your child's future mental health.

These studies and more show that a having a happy childhood confers benefits including better physical and mental health, more lifetime achievement, and better relationships on adult children.

Conversely, unhappiness in childhood seems to lead to many more problems (both in anecdote and research.) Unhappy childhood equals: more addiction, more mental health issues, more physical health problems, and so on.

But for many people, childhood was a mixed bag

borderline personality disorder

The Narcissistic Trail of Destruction: Video

Reader DayCat1 asked: How does narcissism affect relationships?

A thoughtful new video by Dr. Todd Grande offers a clinically informed view on the "trail of destruction" found in the relationships of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He explores the defense mechanisms which people with NPD exhibit which lead to fractured relationships. He also explains why people with NPD may be motivated to