5 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of When Someone Is Jealous Of You

  • October 24, 2018 at 8:21 am

    Thank you for an insightful article of which I can identify with.

    My sister is one year older than me and all the way throughout our childhood and up to the present, we are now in our 60’s, she has been a very jealous and envious girl/women. Throughout my childhood she would intentionally do something then tell our parents that it was me who did it. I’ll give you one example out of a lifetime of her abuse which is only one of many.

    I recall sitting in the living room with my family one Sunday when I was about seven years old. My sister left the room then came back saying to our dad, come and see what she has done, meaning me. Dad and sister left the room and the next thing he was shouting for me. I then proceed to the bathroom where they were both standing. My dad was furious as he pointed to the wooden bathroom cabinet which had my name carved on it. When I protested that I didn’t do that, which I hadn’t, my sister said that she saw me doing it. My dad who was a very abusive man to me, and who always favored my sister, grabbed me and hit me violently until I was screaming in pain and black and blue. Whilst this was going on, I saw my sister watching and gloating.
    Two days later, there was a repeat incidence and she had carved my name on the windowsill this time… yet again, I was given another thrashing of which she enjoyed. There was another incident of the same on the bedroom wardrobe, a thrashing ensued.

    To this day, my sister has told unspeakable lies about me to others in the family and of course there are those who believe her. When wedding invitations were sent out for a family wedding, I would be left off the list. My eldest brother and his wife turned against me for no apparent reason as did other relatives. I was always able to trace it back to my nasty sister.

    So, yes, you are very correct in saying that those who are on the receiving end of a jealous person can be harmed. I know in my heart of hearts that I did not deserve to be treated in such a horrible way and yes, it has affected me emotionally and psychologically. I’ve struggled with a lack of confidence and low self esteem throughout my life and it has hurt me enormously especially, when my parents thought she was an angel and could do no harm. Their unrealistic and immature attitude meant that they were part of the cycle of systematic abuse that I endured throughout my childhood… but why?

    From the day I was born my sister has hated me for just existing. In no way was she going to be de-throned for a younger sibling and have me steal her thunder. As she always referred to them as….MY Dad, MY Mom. Repeatedly she he told me I wasn’t wanted and that I was adopted and Her parents would send me away. This was a source of amusement to both my parents even though I found it distressing.

    Thank you for writing this article. Sally.

  • October 24, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    I found this article very interesting. I have not often had people envious of me but did face it recently. I started playing darts for a team and because I have played a lot for a long time one of the new players was very jealous of me and kept dropping me from the team. Then she kept challenging me to a game trying desperately to beat me but she had no chance. She then forced me out of the team and started slagging me off to the landlord of her local and to the darts league claiming I had slapped her twice. I hadn’t but had patted her face twice when we were still friends coz I was so pleased for her when she won her first game. This was ‘witnessed’ by others who believed her version. I totally ignored her and it if I ever saw her. If it was mentioned to me I just laughed and said she was jealous and let my reputation in the league speak for itself. I did tell a few people the true story but never no matter how much was tempted her did I get into any discussion or argument with her or her cronies. I knew this would make it worse and add fuel to the fire. Eventually she was seen by most people for what she was and the situation resolved itself and is not an issue now. I am pleased with the way I dealt with it.

  • October 24, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    I am an exotic looking female of high intelligence, physical and artistic talent and a somewhat privileged background (please, please take that statement at face value, mentioned only for the sake of this topic) and I found this article interesting because as such, I have on a number of occasions been the victim of what I can only describe as Pathological Jealousy. Like most people, I have of course dealt with my share of workplace sabotage, love rivalry and Narcissist’s antics but the situations I’m referring to are different. In them, I have unknowingly become the fixation of certain women (and even a gay man) in their insecure obsession with a partners fidelity. Now, it is my understanding that this disordered mindset typically manifests itself as the certainty of one partner that the other is being unfaithful with any and everyone they come across, any and everywhere they go and doesn’t usually focus on a specific individual however, in my experience(s) , this is not the case. I have had women move (or insist that I do) out of shared apartments, campaign to have me dismissed from positions I’ve held for years, scream at me about their husbands on the streets of my own neighborhood, lurk around my residence in an effort to catch their partners consorting with me and accuse me of having been impregnated by their husbands and currently hiding the baby. (I don’t have children). On one occasion, I was attending a bachelorette party at a small local bar and almost immediately upon arriving, was approached by a woman I’d never seen before, crying and warning me to stay away from her boyfriend, (who’m I’d also never seen before but, as it turns out, who had seen ME). Anyway, you get the idea… The point is, this alarming phenomenon has at times put my friendships, housing, credibility, employment and even safety at risk. But I have come to understand that the malicious ways in which it was expressed and the damage that resulted were just manifestations of the driving force, which in the end, was jealousy.

  • October 25, 2018 at 1:21 am

    This post hit very close to home. Some years back I unknowingly ended up being the threatening object to a coworker without me ever even realizing it until about 2 years later. I suspect that the reason for me being so blind to the situation was due to the fact that i wasnt in on the competition that he put us in. It didnt come to my awareness until he left the center where we both worked at afterwhich was when he showed his ugly side. I heard rumors that he had spread and the comments he would make in our conversations started making sense and adding up. So yes, their retaliations can be quite serious as somehow their ego is greatly compromised and theyll do anything to preserve it. To this day im baffled as to how someone can unknowingly and unintentionally “offend” someone without a valid reason… Just for being oneself.

  • October 25, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    While I was growing up(teen years and even into adulthood until our relationship was terminated), my mother made it a point to comment about which one of us wore “smaller-sized” clothes. We both were relatively heavier women during the aforementioned time period. I never quite understood if this was some sort of jealously on her behalf(more specifically, in the event I had lost a few pounds, and if she then was heavier than I), and/or (she would gloat during the times she weighed less, and therefore, wore smaller-sized clothes)….or just some sick, twisted game she liked to play to try and intimidate me? Did any of this make sense?


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