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Your Gluten-Free Shopping List

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  1. It is important for anyone starting a gluten elimination diet to know that if you have any of the 310 symptoms of Celiac Disease and you go on a gluten free diet before taking an IGA antibody test and anti endomysial antibody test and and endoscopy to check for Celiac Disease, you will not be able to have a Celiac Assay Panel accurate reading until you go back on gluten for 6 months (a slice of bread and a cookie every day).

    • I agree that getting celiac testing done is important but should not be the only factor in going gluten-free. Testing is not always conclusive for celiac disease and many people who I work with have had negative results and been told they can eat gluten. And yet when they eliminate gluten their symptoms (physical and or mental) are gone. Also for most people, it’s not celiac disease but gluten sensitivity.
      The other factor is that doing the elimination and then challenge is very powerful for my clients to experience the effects. Most then go on to do testing if they haven’t already done so.

      Reacting badly to a challenge after you have been gluten-free for even a short time is a valid part of the process.

      I do disagree with the recommendation of a slice of bread and cookie every day for 6 months! Whole grains like granola, sourdough and sprouted bread are obviously better options. And there are no clear guidelines as to how long you should be eating gluten before doing the testing – it ranges from a few weeks and upwards to 8 weeks.

  2. Wow! Quite a list of what not to eat if you want to be truly gluten free. Thanks for all the tips and the list of “go to” foods, as well.

  3. Trudy,
    We have been following an almost gluten free diet now for a few years and it is all because of you! Thanks.

  4. As someone who is getting tested tomorrow for gluten sensitivity, you have no idea how helpful your post is! It cuts through all my questions … thanks!!!


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