Research has generally shown that certain types of music have the ability to calm anxiety, lift symptoms of depression, and positively affect mood.

The mystics teach that listening to music from a happy, calm and loving source, composed by someone who is spiritually connected, offers a different experience than listening to music from a source of anger, depression, or dead-ended thinking.

Playing an instrument (not well :)) is something I (C.R.) do that’s at once relaxing and creative. I’ve also created a couple of playlists to relieve worries and increase joy, based on the advice of my teacher.

My playlists include traditional melodies composed by people who practice  prayerful meditation, as well as other uplifting music. I find that uplifting music is one way to infuse some positivity in my life, especially the kind that makes me dance. Calming music, too is essential, helping me to wind down at the end of a hectic, jam-packed day and prepare to meditate and pray.

Sometimes, though, music finds a place in my heart and affects me in a way that is difficult to articulate. This was my recent experience when I came across a new recording by Shoshana Michel, a talented pianist and composer. “Prelude to a Dream” is at at once soothing and pensive, even a bit nostalgic without being cloying, the flavor of a wished-for childhood. The simplicity of the melodies are for me what captivates. It is also beautifully performed by Shoshana, and a bit Schumann-esque.

Though I generally don’t listen to music while I do writing work, I find myself reaching for this album again and again. Its soothing sounds don’t impede the thinking I need to do while writing, and provide a winding path along which my thoughts can develop. Because Prelude to a Dream has charmed me, I asked Shoshana if she would share one of the tracks with Therapy Soup blog readers.

Here’s Wonders from Prelude to a Dream by Shoshana Michel.

About Shoshana Michel

Classically trained, Shoshana has been playing professionally since the age of seventeen. She has released three solo piano albums and her music plays worldwide on Sirius XM radio, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Pandora, and many other online stations. She resides with her human and avian family in Brooklyn, New York.