Do you love your job, hate it, or something in between?

*The American Working Conditions Survey just reported its data from the 2015 research and for those of us who work, the findings are unsurprising and a bit sad.

Workers in the United States report they just don’t have enough time to do their jobs, and about half say they are taking work home with them or otherwise working in their time off.

About half of workers report a hostile or threatening social environment on the job.

Both blue and white collar workers find work too physically exerting–nearly 75 percent of workers are worn out from on-the-job demands.

There are pluses, too. About 50 percent of over 3000 people surveyed say their boss is supportive and that they have made good friends at work.

And most workers find at least some of their work meaningful.

What do you think? Is your job good, bad or something in between? More than one answer and comments are welcome.


*The survey was conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and UCLA (funded by federal grants), along with those at the federally-funded military-linked think-tank known as the RAND Corporation.