Stress can contribute to many health issues, including, but not limited to:

Mental health disorders (such as depression and anxiety)
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Abnormal heartbeats
Acne and other skin problems

Are you dealing with too much stress?  This checklist contains signs that may show you are under stress. Whether or not you can check off items on this list, if you feel you are under too much stress, speak to a friend, family member, doctor, or clergy member. Sometimes, just talking about stress can be a great relief.

Do you have any of the following signs which may show you are under stress?

Crying a lot
Feeling nervous or tense
Chronic worry
Feeling empty
Not eating or eating too much
Feeling like you have no control
Needing to have too much control
Lack of energy
Lack of focus
Trouble getting things done
Poor self-esteem
Short temper
Trouble sleeping
Upset stomach
Back pain
General aches and pains

The following are some common causes/triggers that may lead to feeling stressed. If you are going through a challenging time, try and be aware of possible stress symptoms so you can catch them early.

Being bullied
Being abused
Social problems and difficulty in interpersonal relationships
Dealing with stigma
Spiritual crisis
Death of a spouse
Death of a close family member
Losing your job
Major personal illness or injury
Marital separation
Spending time in jail