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Archives for October, 2016


Unbiased Tools To Really Help You Vote

It's the elephant in the room.

No matter what the topic of discussion, we all agree that life in America will be very different after the upcoming election.

Even therapists are finding the topic is coming up in therapy; clients are concerned about the effect the election results will have on their lives.

Are you still undecided? Or do you have nagging doubts about who you've decided to vote...
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Does Your Therapist Have Successful Outcomes?

When searching for and interviewing a prospective therapist, ask him to tell you about his rate of successful outcomes.

A therapist should be able to tell you what percentage (approximately/in the ball park), of his patients with problems similar to yours (for example, clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, addiction, and so on), have achieved successful outcomes with his help. If you don't have a diagnosis, it still may be helpful to hear from the therapist how his patients...
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