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Archives for September, 2016


Thinking About: Mental Health Spending & The 2016 Presidential Election

In this presidential election, character probably counts at least as much as the issues do. But with an election that could likely change the course of this nation, we must remember that whoever moves into the White House in 2017, will be determining:  How politicians in Washington will spend our tax dollars. 

Specifically for PsychCentral readers, bloggers, and columnists, we want to think about how politicians in Washington will spend our tax dollars on mental health.
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Don’t Be A Victim Of Scammers, Con Men, and Frauds

Have you ever been the victim of a fraud or con? If you have, you're unlikely to admit it.

That is part of the reason why fraudsters can repeat their crimes over and over again with impunity. It's easy to find new marks, dupes, and targets when no one knows you're coming.

There's a feeling of shame that comes with having been scammed. Begin gullible isn't considered a desirable trait.

Con men and con women con people because they believe they can...
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