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Archives for August, 2016


Healing Families With Honest Role Modeling

You can become a healthy role model for your child—even for your adult child.

Obviously, the earlier on you model healthy emotions and behavior for your child, the better. A child who grows up with a parent who is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy will usually have a better chance of developing these qualities him or herself.

But sometimes, being a role model is deeper than merely being a responsible, thoughtful adult. Children see everything, and are often able...
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Is Seeing Believing? Or, Is Believing Seeing?

Magic or Psychology? Making Something That Doesn’t Exist Disappear on PsychCentral's News blog, reports on an Oxford University study led by Dr. Matthew Tompkins.

Dr. Tompkins said, "The founding fathers of psychology were keenly interested in understanding how magicians could manipulate people’s perceptions."

Participants watched videos, some of which contained magic-acts, some of which didn't. Yet, many of the subjects saw magic acts occurring, even when there weren't.

Dr. Tompkins said, “We think what may be happening...
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