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Archives for July, 2016


Can You Make Verbal Abuse Stop NOW?

How do you get a verbal abuser* to stop abusing you, at least in the short term?

Though there are many ways to attempt to stop verbal abuse in the short term, below is one general script you can use in a variety of situations, when you want the abuse to stop.*

During A Phone Call Or While Texting (Or Emailing)

If the abuse occurs while you're on the phone, tell the abuser: You may not realize this, but...
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It’s Okay To Tell Your Therapist You Aren’t Happy With Therapy

Is therapy not working for you? Do you feel disappointed in how your therapist and you interact? Do you not seem to be getting to the root of your problems? Do you feel that something is missing?

Sometimes in these cases, patients don't know what to do except let therapy drag on until they find a new therapist. Or, they let the feelings of dissatisfaction build up until they reach the point of total frustration...
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