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Archives for June, 2016


Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

Your Belief System: The Longer-Shorter Path

In the last post, we focused on coping skills and strategies, which are the emotional scaffolding upon which your life reconstruction can begin.

In this post we'll discuss your general belief system. This may include beliefs about who you are, how much self-determination you believe you have, spirituality/religious beliefs, what your life is truly about, and so on. These are the foundation upon which your life actually rests.

A dysfunctional belief system is...
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Flying Phobia

Need Better Coping Skills? Therapy Can Help

Your Emotional Scaffolding: Developing Coping Skills
The systematic, yet personal approach that I believe really works is a combination of the use of proven treatment methods and the therapist’s techniques. Effective therapists primarily use proven treatment methods supported by their own studiously developed personal techniques.

Whenever possible (and that is the vast majority of the time), it's important for your therapist to first help you improve—or, if necessary, develop from scratch—your emotional scaffolding comprised of your coping skills...
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The Real Reason People Begin To Use Drugs, Drink (And What You Can Do About It)

It's all about feelings.

When a person struggles with a sense of self and they aren't sure who they are,  they aren't sure how to experience, live with, or manage their thoughts and feeling. Feelings especially can become baffling, annoying or painful.

In many years working in both mental health and addiction, I've found that in general, people try drugs or alcohol, and end up abusing them, because they want to change, forget or control a...
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What Is Therapy, Really?

*Let's begin answering this essential question: What is therapy, really?

By definition, psychotherapy is “The treatment of mental or emotional problems by the use of techniques that are tailored to the unique problems and backgrounds of the individual and that may include talk therapy, behavioral modification, medication, and other treatments.”

The goal of psychotherapy is to help resolve an individual’s mental and emotional problems and, at the same time, teach that individual how to attain the...
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Help Me Deal With Difficult People

How do you deal with the difficult people in your life?

People for whom you seem to walk on eggshells, trying to avoid unwittingly provoking their anger.

People who must be in control of every personal exchange so their superiority shows.

People who try and control you with insults or put downs.

People who try to emotionally manipulate you.

People you can never please.

People who are caught in a spiral of negativity.

People who lie.
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