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Archives for May, 2016


4 Steps To Creating Your Own Simple Self-Improvement Plan

Therapy with a treatment plan, that handy guide to setting and achieving your emotional and behavioral goals, holds the therapist and client to accountability and boosts the potential for positive change.

You can also make a self-improvement plan, something simple, easy to implement, and effective.

There is some similarity to the treatment plan you might use in therapy, except you can do this on your own (or with a friend, adviser, or even if you like,...
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Where Does Your Power Begin?

Finally, Reason In The Nature vs. Nurture Debate
From ScienceDaily a viewpoint that makes sense:
Evolutionary science stresses the contributions biology makes to our behavior. Some anthropologists try to understand how societies and histories construct our identities, and others ask about how genes and the environment do the same thing. Which is the better approach? Both are needed, argues Agustin Fuentes, University of Notre Dame biological anthropologist.
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10 Best Holistic Mental Health Posts

Holistic health and medicine is a diverse field of alternative medicine in which the "whole person" is focused on, not just the malady itself.

Often called mind-body medicine, holistic medicine takes into account the spirit or soul, as well.

According to the individual viewpoint of the patient or the practitioner, the definition of "spiritual" as well as the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit or soul can be strikingly different.

An important factor in mental health treatment is the awareness, by...
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