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Archives for January, 2016

God in Therapy

Science Digs Into Consciousness, Soul, & The Afterlife

Sometimes science is redundant. If you've got faith, belief, and even experiences that confirm that life has meaning, consequences, and conscious existence beyond our brief time in our present physical bodies, you might not care what the average scientist thinks.

Or you might be surprised what scientists are thinking about now. (These make for some worthwhile clicking.)

A New View of Consciousness (PBS)

"...there might be a more dynamic relationship between consciousness and other states of...
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The Tainted Grain

The Tainted Grain is a story by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), whose stories express truth at many spiritual levels, including the psycho-spiritual and emotional.

The Tainted Grain

Once upon a time, a worried king had a talk with his prime minister and good friend.

The king said, "I can see in the stars, that every person in my kingdom who eats grain from this year's harvest is going to go mad! What, dear friend, do you think we should do?
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