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Archives for July, 2015


The Tears We Cry

Laughing Tears by Rose-Lynn Fisher, courtesy of the artist

A God in Therapy post:

The hidden world around us, the one we can only access with powerful tools, has as much to teach us about the powerful Source of Creation, as the macro-world we experience with our normal vision.

I was so moved to discover that tears greatly magnified look different from each other, depending on why you're crying.

In this powerful work,...
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Being Shy Can Be A Good Thing

A little over a decade ago, I was consulted by a young couple regarding their nine-year old son. The school had recommended counseling. They felt his shyness and lack of participation in class was concealing a deeper problem, perhaps abuse, depression, or other issue.

The boy had once participated freely in class, but by mid-year, he never raised his hands and looked like he was daydreaming. The parents took him to a specialist who felt he might be on...
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The Summertime Blahs & Blues

For many of us, summer is the time we feel the most upbeat. For those with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the long days packed with sunshine can offer blessed relief from depression and low energy.

Outdoor walks and other activities and a more relaxed approach to time are things both of us really look forward to and enjoy.

But for some, the summertime is emotionally difficult. The very things that make summer appealing to one person, make it seem negative to another....
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