Our friend had a rough winter. Although the depression that she had in her teens and twenties didn’t stage a full-on comeback, she did suffer a tragedy and had to move back to the U.S. from overseas to deal with a complicated legal issue and the break-up of her marriage. Before she moved back, she spent most of her time out of doors leading well-attended historical tours in the family business, and rarely, if ever, “hung out online.”

Now, on a much tighter budget than she’s used to, she finds herself self-medicating with…cute animal videos.

She says “If you feel you can’t go on, watching a sloth getting bath or a puppy playing the piano just helps me gain perspective.”

She sounds a bit tongue-in-cheek, but she’s serious. Now, when her seven year old daughter sees a pensive frown on mommy’s face, she asks her to watch some animal videos together.

If a visit from a therapy animal isn’t in your near future, why not try an animal documentary as a way to connect with pets or nature?

*If sloths aren’t your thing, perhaps Chato Stewart can convince you to try equine therapy.