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Archives for November, 2014


Vegans, Vitamin B12 & Depression, Top 10 Controversial Posts

writes: As someone who used to be vegetarian and even vegan for many years in my past, I remember being leery of people telling me my diet might be lacking certain nutrients. I'd point to studies which showed how healthy a balanced and well-thought out vegetarian diet was.

Was my diet balanced and well-thought out? Only occasionally.

This week we got a comment on a post (Could Vitamin B12 Help Your Anxiety, Depression?) that reminded me of...
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The Silent Treatment And What You Can Do To Stop It Cold

One of the more frustrating passive-aggressive tactics to those on the receiving end is "the silent treatment".

The silent treatment is an abusive method of control, punishment, avoidance, or disempowerment (sometimes these four types overlap, sometimes not) that is a favorite tactic of narcissists, and especially those who have a hard time with impulse control, that is, those with more infantile tendencies.

The silent treatment can be used as an abusive tactic that is the adult narcissist's version of a...
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How To Cope With Second-Hand Stress If You Are A Sensitive Empath

Is stress contagious?

You know, those symptoms of stress, such as clenched jaw, highly-pitched voice, furrowed brow, anger, anxiety, and so on.

For some people, other people's stressed-out emotions and moods are simply that: Other People's Stress. OPS. Not theirs.

For others, OPS is absorbed like water to a sponge. And you DON'T have to be co-dependent to be the sponge. You may simply be sensitive.

I'm a strong believer that not every imperfect personality trait requires a diagnosis or a pathology category, and that...
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Three Ways To Handle Mild But Upsetting Racing Thoughts

*Robin, a psychology graduate student, called up her therapist and left her fourth message of the day. She knew that Jen, her therapist was on vacation and unreachable for at least twenty-four more hours, but she didn't want to call the back-up therapist.

She wasn't having a full-fledged panic attack as she had in the past. At least not exactly. But she was experiencing racing thoughts: repetitive negative thoughts that she felt were beyond her ability to control.

These were...
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