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Archives for September, 2014


I Was Wrong About Online Therapy (With A Caveat Or Two)

Some years ago I was interviewed by a popular science magazine about what I thought of online therapy. At that point, online therapy wasn't exactly new, but it wasn't spreading like wildfire either.

I said that therapy in person could be supplemented by online therapy, but that a therapist can learn a lot about a patient by meeting in person. Body language, dress, and other factors were essential.

At the time I strongly believed that online therapy was...
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Three Universal Questions To Ask Ourselves During Rosh Hashana

This Wednesday night through Friday, Jewish people the world over will observe the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, literally translated as the Head of the Year.

The Jewish New Year is quite different from other New Years—though there are festive meals rich with tradition, Rosh Hashana is primarily spent in lengthy prayer, meditation, and self-reflection.

Many people take upon themselves a day or two of limiting or even refraining from trivial conversation, in order to better connect with the spiritual potential inherent...
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Good Vibrations: Relaxing Music & Sound Therapy In Addiction Treatment

Dr. Harry Henshaw discusses the powerful relaxation effects of music and sound therapy:

Less Anxiety, Better Decisions

When those in recovery from addiction learn how to reduce stress and manage anxiety, their ability to make better decisions increases.

Being able to make better decisions helps addicts in recovery stay in therapy that’s working. It also helps them put in place the support systems they need to help them prevent relapse. A range of relaxation techniques is an important...
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12 Ways To Help Your Child’s Back-To-School Jitters From A Pediatric OT

Colleague and friend, Occupational therapist Miriam Manela of , offers 12 helpful suggestions to help your child deal with back-to-school fears and anxiety. (Number 8 is my favorite).

Back-to-school fears and anxiety can occur at any age, especially when children are transitioning to a new school or new school building. Help your child cope with his or her fears with a variety of simple strategies.
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