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Archives for July, 2014


What Is A Soul-Mate?

The recent report from PsychCentral news that soul-mates may actually have lousy relationships, does nominally prove that believing soul-mates are perfect matches and will always live in harmony and unity is bunk.

This leads to the question: What is a soul-mate?

The Jewish sages teach that every person has a soul*, and that each soul is missing its other half, which was assigned to it before birth. In some cases, we might have more than one destined partner,...
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Parental Alienation & Bias

Richard is taking a brief break. writes:

You can't get any more mainstream than Newsweek. (Does anybody even read Newsweek?)

I guess Parental Alienation has finally become mainstream when a celebrity-studded article appears about it in Newsweek's pages.

Whether or not the DSM accepts that PA qualifies as a syndrome (they don't), and whether or not other experts think it exists (many do), children and parents suffering from the effects of parental alienation live with a painful reality.

Women, Men, and Bias

Perhaps one of...
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Starting Over From Despair

Slavery. War. Destruction of sacred places.

According to the Jewish mystical tradition, all events in the outside world are reflections of, even responses to, our inner mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

Just as world events appear to cycle up and down, so do we. And the down-times can be launching pads for rebirth, if we know how to harness the positive energy buried deep inside.
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Flying Phobia

How To Navigate The Self-Help Jungle

In Promise Land: My Journey Through America's Self-Help Culture, author Jessica Lamb-Shapiro explains that the world of self-help is a mix of helpful and decidedly unhelpful. Without writing an expose, she reveals the, well, let's face it, tacky world of those self-help gurus who are in it for the bucks alone, and whose promises of salvation, or even maturation or actualization, are as thin as the dollar bills shelled out for them.

She also identifies...
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Travel Standing Still

Reconnecting by Karen Hollingsworth

I created the painting titled “Reconnecting” after returning home from a trip to New York. While I was there I couldn't help but notice that this is the view from practically every window in the city, and having seen a number of other artists versions of the urban landscape at galleries in Manhattan, I wanted to give it a try myself. The idea of the New...
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