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Archives for May, 2014


Thirteen Easy Ways To Give Yourself A Break

Have you been working hard on yourself, mind, body, and soul? Therapizing? Talking? Discussing? Meditating? Self-assessing? Introspecting? Exercising? Volunteering? Self-esteeming? Motivating?


Now, give yourself permission to take a break.

By the way, the idea for this post and nine of these ideas on this list were given to me by a client with bipolar disorder. And most of them are low-cost or free.
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Traditional Wisdom & Depression

A God in Therapy post:

In our previous post, we ask: Can faith and belief prevent depression?

Today, we ask: Is it possible that faith and belief can help with existing depression?

And, is a traditional technique for helping heal depression relevant, today?

Over two hundred years ago, the great Jewish teacher and mystic, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, explained that you can't think two thoughts at the same time. He tells us that we have the power to choose our thoughts, and not be...
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Three Tips To Help Calm Your Anger

disgruntlement point, n the point at which an internal or external trigger becomes unmanageable and a behaviorally explosive reaction may occur

Feelings of anger can be like steam from a teakettle. If the steam hole (that makes the whistle) is blocked, the steam will still need to be released from somewhere. It might be the spaces between the lid and the kettle, but if there is no other release, the whole kettle will explode.

If you can't manage to channel your anger...
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Combat A Giant Health Risk With Low Lighting

This piece in Huffington Post, Why We All Need More Sleep, might be creating a lot of buzz. But are we actually changing our habits because of it? We're sleeping at least one or two hours less than we did in the 1960s.

The Telegraph reports that researchers from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Manchester and Surrey universities are telling us that not getting enough sleep puts us at higher risk of cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes,...
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Got Gratitude? Thanks!

A God In Therapy Post

In our first gratitude post in awhile. we explored one of the difficulties with general gratitude. , Sarah, and Lea agreed: if there's no one you're grateful to, perhaps gratitude is an emotion that can't be fully experienced.

But what about the whole gratitude journal, affirmation, thing as a whole? Does that really make people happier? Is it worth trying?
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