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Archives for March, 2014


Help For Borderline Personality Traits With Debbie Corso

You may have heard of Debbie Corso, a revolutionary mental-health blogger, author, and teacher. Debbie has shared her story of living with borderline personality disorder online.

Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), she has overcome the symptoms of BPD. Now, together with a therapist, Debbie helps others with BPD and BPD traits in her online program, DBT Path. Today, Debbie no longer meets the criteria for a BPD diagnosis.

Welcome, Debbie.

You’ve worked hard using...
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Borderline PD, Narcissistic PD And Relationships

Dr. Aaron Kipnis

We're continuing our discussion with Dr. Aaron Kipnis about relationships between people with borderline personality and disorder narcissistic personality disorder. (Read more in our first post, Narcissistic And Borderline Attraction)

How does gender factor into these relationships?

Many people with borderline personality disorder tend to be female and the majority of people with narcissistic personality disorder are male.  It is even possible these are gender-based/influenced versions of a similar disorder.

Can these...
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Narcissistic And Borderline Attraction

Dr. Aaron Kipnis

Individuals with borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder may marry or enter into intimate relationships with each other, more than statistically likely, it seems.  Although today treatment for BPD (especially in the form of dialectic behavior therapy), can be extremely effective, not everyone gets treatment, and may not be aware of why they are attracted to people with NPD.

We asked Dr. Aaron Kipnis, a clinical psychologist and professor of...
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Your Favorite Reason To Take A Break (From The News) Is…

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Disappearing planes, hijacked by the pilots?!?


Confusing and depressing stories of health-care nightmares?


The Russian bear redux?


Stock market slumps and soars—is this a roller coaster?




Massive human rights violator protected by other human rights violators...


We want to stay informed. But, there are problems we can't do anything about except pray. Once again, it's time for another Therapy Soup news fast.

What's YOUR favorite reason to take a break from the...
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Happiness In Good Times…And Bad

Photo by Eric Ward

Have you ever wondered what “going with the flow” really feels like?

A skilled therapist can help you recognize when and how to turn your problems into growth opportunities—which might seem like a cliché, until this outlook actually begins to work for you. A skilled therapist will teach you how to do this on your own—to generate a flow of positive outlook in both good times...
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Men Can Have Borderline Personality Disorder, Too

Borderline Personality Disorder is usually thought of as a "woman's" disorder. But men can have borderline personality disorder, too.

Therapy Soup welcomes Dr. Robert Fischer. Dr. Fischer is executive director of the Optimum Performance Institute in Woodland Hills, CA. OPI’s Roanne Program specializes in treating young adults with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD traits.

When most people think of a person with a borderline personality disorder diagnosis, they think of it being a woman’s disorder. Yet, men...
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