1157966_68111590If Your Love Is Healthy, Your Heart Is Healthy

From ancient times, people in virtually every culture have known that emotions, especially the emotion of love, resides in the heart.

Let the intelligentsia scoff. Now we know that the people rule.

Love and caring are ALL about the heart, according to some new research.

Fierce Marriage

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Do We Love Backwards?

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What Is Love?

According to USA Today, researchers

Anna Faul and Joe D’Ambrosio’s current research project attempts to quantify compassionate love — which they define as “other-centered” love. Unlike romantic love, compassionate love involves giving what another person needs without expectation of getting something back.

We think the problem is semantic. At the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, we don’t really believe that much so-called romantic love, is love at all. It is desire, lust, passion, and a whole bunch of other feelings. Love is a verb. To feel love, you gotta do love.

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