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Archives for February, 2014


Borderline Personality Disorder, Fear Of Abandonment, And Relationships

Today we're talking with therapist Lisa Bahar about Borderline Personality Disorder and how it can affect relationships.

Welcome, Lisa.

BPD makes it difficult to be involved in a stable, healthy relationship. What are some kinds of behaviors that people with BPD have that are a challenge to a relationship?

A person with BPD desires and responds to structure, predictability and communication. When there is lack of predictability, anxiety or fear of abandonment...
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Borderline Personality Disorder: Is It Just An Excuse?

Is borderline personality disorder a real diagnosis or is it just a way to let someone who's selfish, impulsive and mean off the hook for their bad behavior?

If you're shocked by the above question, don't be.

Some therapists will tell you that without education, spouses, children, and especially colleagues of those with BPD might feel the diagnosis is a "sham" or an "excuse for bad behavior."
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Is It Impossible To Control Your Thoughts? CBT Disagrees.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Sure, self-help gurus push this glib-sounding phrase in order to sell books and workshops. But many people, including some even a few therapists, believe it's bunk.

What a shame.

That's because many of us do have the power to change our unwanted thoughts (or at least our relationship to our unwanted thoughts) and one therapy method is designed to do just that. 
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♥Thinking About Marriage? 7 Meaningful Rules Of Engagement

Thinking about getting engaged?

Here are seven rules to keep in mind through your wedding day (and beyond):

♥Cultivate Awareness. Treasure the moments. Enjoy the process. Being engaged and planning a wedding are one of the most exciting times in your life. Feel it!

♥Before you tie the knot, discuss what constitutes loyalty—and betrayal—in a marriage.
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Discuss Betrayal BEFORE You Get Married

It's (almost) never too late to sit down and talk about your marriage, but it's best to agree upon some guidelines before you tie the knot.

It may be old-fashioned, but having a third party such as a clergy member give you premarital counseling, can help. (See Seven Old Fashioned Ideas That Can Make Marriage Last).

Whether you are seeing a counselor or talking about your future together alone, here are a few insights...
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Shocking Photos Of An Iranian Psychiatric Hospital

Monotony. Despair. That's the first thought we had when viewing photos inside an Iranian psychiatric  hospital.

Abbas Hajimohammadi Saniabadi chose to shoot the patients and the hospital in black and white, which intensifies the feeling of monotony and suffering. By our standards, the hospital is bleak, disgusting, even medieval.

However, as we viewed the pictures, we were drawn more and more into their subtleties and into the humanity. Saniabadi treated each subject tenderly, with a lack of negative judgment. Each photograph reveals a meaningful, if painful, moment of...
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