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Archives for December, 2013


Bulk Up Your Brain: Lift Those Spiritual Weights

A God in Therapy post.

A new study reported in JAMA Psychiatry says that religion and spirituality may be linked to a thicker cerebral cortex in people who are at higher risk of depression (and others.)

Previous research shows that a thinner cortex is found in people with clinical depression. But the more important religion and spirituality is to a person, the thicker the cortex.
The cerebral cortex is the brain's outermost...
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The Nature Of Suffering & The Gift Of Life

Photo by S. Spivak

A God In Therapy post:

We can't truly fathom the deepest purpose behind the miracle of human life.

The Jewish mystics explain that the gift of life is so very valuable that every single moment of life is precious because with it we can accomplish great spiritual (and material) achievements.

You might not believe, but if you do believe in a loving, Good Creator who continuously sustains reality, than...
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It’s The Season For…A News Fast

It's true: News fasts don't have to happen on a time clock and they aren't seasonal.

Really, any time of year is the perfect time of year for a news fast.

But during the winter, when lack of light and seasonal pressure can lead to symptoms of mild (or not-so-mild) depression, it's a really extra-great time to bag the news, especially (but not only) television news. Take a break, perhaps for a week or more.

You may have...
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Anxiety Fix That Really Works (Temporarily)

Feeling anxious? Shaky? Jittery? Worried? Nervous? Tense?

You aren't breathing, right?

If you're not sure, check.

People with symptoms of anxiety take shallow breaths.

People having a panic attack may even stop breathing for (way) longer than normal.

Band-aid: Breathe. Place one hand on your belly, the other on your chest and breathe deeply.

The key to calming breath is the exhalation—it should be longer than the inhalation. Here's one breath you can try:
Breathe in for the count...
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Anorexia, Obsession, And Searching For The Meaning Of Life

More candid insights from Kelsey Osgood, author of How To Disappear Completely:

On The Anorexic Spectrum

I have come to believe that there is something like a spectrum for anorexics. On the one end are people like me, who start out knowing full well that they’re experimenting with dangerous behaviors and who covet the label of anorexic, and on the other are people whose anorexia develops with them having no prior knowledge of...
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How To Disappear Completely with Kelsey Osgood

See part one of our interview with Kelsey Osgood, Anorexia Was My Religion.

Why did you write How To Disappear Completely?

I wrote this book because I had noticed that other books on eating disorders either ignored completely or only mentioned briefly some major hallmarks of anorexia: the competitive nature of the disease, the aspirational aspects, and the ways in which anorexics hone their craft and learn from one another.

I found it...
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My Religion Was Anorexia with Kelsey Osgood

At fourteen, Kelsey Osgood became fascinated by the stories of women who starved themselves. At fifteen, she was hospitalized for anorexia.

How To Disappear Completely is Kelsey Osgood's deeply personal memoir cum exposé of a world where girls compete—with themselves and s each other—to eat little, weigh less, and exercise more. Skinniness has bewitched the imagination of many adolescent girls but How To Disappear Completely shatters any illusions about this...
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