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Archives for November, 2013


3 Tips On Dealing With TRAVEL STRESS From Psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona

Manhattan psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona offers his advice for dealing with the stress of travel:

Traveling often poses unique challenges for people with genuine mental health issues, as well as those with "issues" that may fall short of a clinical diagnosis. People with anxiety, panic, or that are coping without a lot of stress often find that traveling can trigger symptoms and make symptoms they normally experience much more frequent and intense. The most...
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Women Entrepreneurs Getting Unstuck With Melody Wilding

interviews Melody Wilding, LMSW, who specializes in psychotherapy for entrepreneurial women.

Welcome, Melody. Tell us about how you specialize in helping entrepreneurial women.

I help female entrepreneurs and young professional women navigate the complex emotional challenges that come with having a successful career. My clients come to me when they’re feeling stuck -- personally or professionally-- which may be manifesting as overwhelming self-doubt, low self-esteem, sabotaging relationships or much more.

As a female entrepreneur myself...
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Are You Responsible?

Illustration by Billy Alexander

One of my client's mothers told him that "he made her sick" and "gave her back pain." So, I want to clear something up.

The word responsible comes from:
1590s, "answerable (to another, for something)," from Fr. responsible, from L. responsus, pp. of respondere "to respond" (see respond). Meaning "morally accountable for one's actions" is attested from 1836. Retains the sense of "obligation" in the Latin...
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How To Spot A Narcissist On Facebook

Facebook and narcissism go together like coffee and biscotti.

Studies both old and new seem to show that FB cultivates narcissism and/or attracts narcissists.

The reason?

FB is an ever-ready source of narcissistic supply. The stuff narcissists must have. Kind of like us mere mortals must have food. Or oxygen.

While the rest of the narcissist's world is sleeping, at work or on the road, FB is always there to recharge his batteries. All he has to do is log...
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Shedding Light On SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

It's that time of year

Are you
Feeling grumpy, nervous, anxious moody?
Feeling drowsy and want to sleep more than usual?
Craving cake, cookies, pretzels, white-flour pasta and other "junky" carbs?
Gaining weight?
Feeling blah, or even outright sad and depressed?
You may have SAD or seasonal affective disorder.
Although not everyone agree that SAD exists, most therapists agree that low levels of light that occur from fall through winter...
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