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Archives for September, 2013


Six Ways To Connect With Others After 50

Guest Post by George Schofield, PhD, author of After 50 It's Up To Us

How to make connections, build/join community, and find joy.

1. Join. Don't wait to be asked to join; that invitation may never come. Don't let shyness or inertia interfere with your mission.  You don't have to make a commitment that requires dues or regular attendance.

2. Be Selective and Aspirational. Choose your activity based on your interests, skills and stamina....
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Over 50 And Lonely?

Guest Post by George Schofield, PhD, author of After 50 It's Up To Us

Age and isolation are risk factors for depression.

That means that the social connections of community aren’t only about fun, although that's important too; for many over 50, they're literally a lifeline.

Community assuages the pain of loneliness. But many people don't think about how important community is until their's starts to crumble. 
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9 Wise Beliefs About Our Souls and Bodies

This is a God in Therapy post. writes:

I felt compelled to comment on this study reported on here at PsychCentral. It's kind of bothering me a bit.

Why did the researchers do this study?

Of course men who watch films created explicitly for their sexual content are more like to exhibit sexist behaviors.

That's because women are no longer full persons to them. They are bodies. 
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It’s You Not Me

You're trying on make up in your favorite cosmetic store. Your applying cheek color in the mirror. Behind you, you see two sales associates giggling. One of them surreptitiously gestures towards you and smirks. The other one rolls her eyes.

It wrecks your day, so much so, that when you get home, you write a letter to the store manager and the president of the company.

Your best friend is stomping around, having a minor temper tantrum....
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Eliminating Elephants–The Third Key To Starting Over

Bye, Bye Elephant

Key 1 to starting over is forgetting. Key 2 is remembering. Key 3 is making a plan, which we call the elephant elimination plan based on a real-life story.

Robin's story serves as an example of a woman who wanted help beginning again, but there was an elephant in the basement of her psyche.

If you knew Robin well, you knew that she was fairly resentful...
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