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Archives for August, 2013


The Second Key To Starting Over

Read about the first psycho-spiritual key to starting over, forgetting, here.

The second key is almost, but not quite, the opposite of forgetting: remembering

It seems counter-intuitive, but remembering sometimes comes after forgetting in the therapy process. Without preparation, remembering a traumatic or painful event might be overpowering. Sickening. Debilitating even.
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The Disorientation of Dyslexia, ADD: Is It A Gift?

According to Ron Davis, the disorientation of dyslexia may very well be a gift. The creator of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Center and the Davis Autism Approach, Davis says that people with dyslexia, unlike most of us, have a genetic ability to disorient themselves with no external stimuli. Their brains go into a disorientation mode on their own.

For example, if we are looking out a train window in a standing train, and another moving train goes...
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The Spark: Finding The Hidden Genius In A Profoundly Autistic Boy


Research seems to show that autism is reaching epidemic proportions.

Whatever the causes (and we've written about some strong correlations) the fact remains: Autism's here to stay—at least for a while. It's something that those with autism and their families, especially parents, have to learn to live with.

Temple Grandin, John Robison (who we interview here) and others have written excellent books on their experiences living life on the autism spectrum, and have helped...
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4 Time-Tested Steps To Personal Change

CR writes:

The last sentence in the previous post Should An Addict Run For Political Office asks, "But what about an addict in recovery?" Could he or she get my vote?

Sure, it's possible.

But the key word is "recovery."

Each of us must be discriminating about the kind of role models and influences we want in our lives, as anyone in a recovery from addiction will tell you.

But, we can only truly judge ourselves. We cannot see into...
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Should An Addict Run For Political Office?


I've hesitated to blog about Anthony Weiner.

I have my opinion (as usual), which is informed by my beliefs. It's also informed by my understanding of addiction or at least addictive behaviors, such as the sexual addiction Anthony Weiner appears to have. But blogging about this whole mess hasn't held much appeal.

Then  I saw fellow PsychCentral blogger Holly Brown's post on the topic, and I decided to go ahead, in partial response to her...
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