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Archives for May, 2013


4 Tools For Letting Go Of Anger

Exploring anger is often an important stage of the therapy process.

People who've suffered often have to get in touch with and name their anger. Otherwise, anger can be turned inwards—and express itself as fear, toxic shame, addiction, and self-harm.

Inwards is where anger goes to harm ourselves.

Or, it can go outwards—as blame, verbal and physical abuse, road rage, and so on. Outwards is where anger goes to hold others at a distance, even people who one wants...
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The DSM-5 Battles

French psychiatrist Patrick Landman, Allen Frances, (psychiatrist and chairman of the DMS IV), and others who work in mental health, are restating and renewing their public criticism of the the DSM-5.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is published by the American Psychiatric Association, and the APA recently went on the offense in response to the critics, calling them "anti-psychiatry."
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Alive Again After Addiction With Howard Samuels

Howard Samuels, PsyD is the author of Alive Again, an impassioned and informative book on addiction treatment. The author, the son of a famous politician and industrialist who was a Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, had his own struggle with addiction.

Welcome, Howard. Why and for whom did you write Alive Again

Primarily, the book was written for the alcoholic and/or addict who is still struggling and the families who have loved ones who...
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Thinking About Anger

Depending on who's doing the thinking, people (including "experts") have differing, even openly conflicting, viewpoints on anger. Here are some:

Anger, and the expression of anger, is healthy, natural. It's only a problem when it is out-of-control or hurts someone.

Anger is only a problem if it is repressed. It is good to get your anger out (as long as you don't harm anyone).

Some anger is justified. 

Anger is never justified.
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Thoughts On Amanda Berry’s Amazing Rescue

writes: By now we've all heard about the emotionally overwhelming escape of three young women who were kidnapped ten years ago—Amanda Berry when she was 16, Gina DeJesus at 14, and Michele Knight at 20.

This is an incredible story and reminded me right away of Elizabeth Smart and others who had a big chunk of their lives stolen by, well, monsters I'd call them.

Naturally, the negativistas out there are waxing antagonistic about the victims and...
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Txting N Driving? DBS.

According to a survey, nearly 43 percent of teens report texting and driving at least once in the past 30 days, reports .

I bet the number is higher. If you are a pedestrian crossing the street is a hazard because of texting drivers.

So is driving.

It seems like the driver of every other car is talking on a cell phone or texting. Texting of course, is scarier since most people have...
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