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Archives for April, 2013


Asperger Love: Recommended

A new (and very short) e-book, Asperger Love, has received good reviews so far—it's only been out a couple of weeks.

It's a glimpse into the world of John and Kirsten, young people in a relationship. These young people have Asperger's syndrome, which means they face some relationship challenges "neurotypicals" usually don't.

John also happens to be John Robison, known as "Cubby" from "Raising Cubby" by John Elder Robison, well-known author of , Look Me...
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10 Ways Anger Masks Itself

Anger's ubiquitousness makes it almost banal. The disguises it wears, though, can be surprisingly colorful.

Others sense, sometimes easily, that anger lurks, but the mask-wearer often has a hard time understanding that what he or she is feeling is anger.

Here are the top ten ways anger expresses itself when it is pretending to be something else—or is otherwise in hiding:
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